If you are going to look into the future, it is right to look at the past to see how far you have come. I have always loved to be listened to, not necessarily craving attention, but being genuinely listened to. This is the major reason I started blogging.

I think this is why I feel elated when I get enough page views, and I feel like a loser when I don’t get enough page views. I am learning not to let page views affect my drive for the next post, it really did affect my drive and mood.I

I wasn’t consistent enough in 2017, I wasn’t even consistent at all at one point. I went AWOL for about two to three months, not because I had nothing to write, but because I thought I didn’t have anything good enough to share.

Towards the end of the year, I had a lot of personal problems, blogging became the escape route. It was around that time I started a “30-day blog challenge”. It was when I realized I was just being lazy when I was inconsistent, I had to create content everyday, type, and publish before 12pm. It was really hard!!!! I didn’t finish because my phone was stolen.

It was majorly quantity over quality then, I discovered I had a lot of contents in my head and I was being lazy when I always said I had nothing to write. I read a lot of blogs late last year, it was at this point I realized I still have a long way to go. I even felt people were lying when they said I was a good writer, lol. I was tempted to change the design of the blog after seeing lots of amazing design, spice it up a bit, add this, add that. It was overwhelming.

This is a new year, the blog will be 1 year next month, I need to feed my baby(the blog) to look good for our photoshoot😉😉. I might change the design of the blog, not because I am pushed by my desire to desperately look like other blogs, but because I feel I should.

This year, I’ll write more sincerely and consistently. I will make a lot of blogger friends by reading their blogs and dropping comments(I’m really bad at this, I just started learning how to), I will learn to create my own featured images, and I will also love to do a lot of collaborations.

Basically, I’ll be SHOOTING MY SHOTS a lot, I will GROW and GLOW as a blogger. I will also show off my baby(the blog) a lot.

This is the most sincere post I have on the blog, I feel so emotional right now😂😂😂. If you happen to be reading this, please drop a comment. I’ll love to know what you think of my baby.



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2 thoughts on “2018 – YEAR OF GLOWING AND GROWING

  1. Debs

    I love your blog ehn, especially how you write 😁😁 But is be so intrigued by his new features you intend to introduce and I’d be disturbing you until you do them 😋

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