Why it’s sooo nice to be free?

I’m supposed to be in the examination hall writing the exam of one course that I’ve really prepared for, like I’ve arranged everything in my head. They had to postpone my exams to next week due to some reasons that cannot be helped, I was disappointed at first but thinking about it now, it’s not so bad,I’m actually liking the fact I’ll sleep more and read more.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

I heard somewhere that our first reaction towards something is the level of growth we are actually in, then subsequent reactions are the levels we are supposed to be in. For instance, someone slaps you in public, the next thing that comes to your mind is you want to slap the person too or you start shouting. After all the display, you’ll start asking yourself if it was really worth it, I should have just kept quiet, that will make the other person look stupid, I should have just walked away, and so on, you then start playing the scene happening in different ways in your head, you just conclude it was not really worth it.

I also learnt something from one of my really close friends, I’m still learning tho. Normally, I get angry at the slightest things, but he made me look like a fool anytime I’m like that. You know the way we girls are, when I’m vexed, instead of me saying I’m angry or even saying what he did, I’ll just be replying codly or not even reply at all, baba will just be replying normally, he’ll totally ignore the fact that I’m doing somehow. After like some hours or a day, when I’m in the mood to talk, the reason I was vexing will be sounding foolish. I’ve learned to process my anger first, chill a little and see if it will pass.

Don’t let instantaneous emotions take away long lasting emotions. Your boyfriend/family/roommate/coursemate/neighbour/pastor/spouse/yourself gets you angry, wait a little before the outburst and ask if it’s really worth it.

Emotions feed on the moment, let the moment pass and you’ll really know the real emotions behind the situations. Why would you crush on someone and then you meet up with the person, voila! the feelings are gone? It’s because your desire is still feeding the emotions. Why would you be angry with someone today, and tomorrow someone asks you why? You just tell the person don’t worry because it’s not worth it again, but if there’s a really good reason you got angry, you’ll be able to express yourself anytime. Why would you be very happy about something, and the next minute the thing is just there?
By the way, no one looks pretty when angry or unhappy. Stay pretty and very happy. I love you😘😘😘

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  1. Dele mΓΆr

    What a marvelous post SUSAN. . . The stunning part is that this post was written after the postponement of our exam in which the exam would have been the only thing she was prepared to write, wonder what would have written if she isn’t preparing for any exam. πŸ˜˜πŸ‘

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