We are already in the last month of the year!! Today is already 3rd!!! Dear Jesus, I am not saying you are too fast or something, but please can we just reduce the pace a little? Some of us have not even achieved half, or even quarter of what we plan to achieve this 2018.

But on a serious note, October was like two weeks ago, and August was like a month ago. I really wanted a lot going for this year, for myself personally and for the blog. It was after the morning service on the 1st of December I sat down to start to think about my properly, like what have I really achieved this year. If you are feeling this way too, this post is for you.

I will like to discuss some of the things/habits we are going to start this December, before some of us will start thinking too much or slip into depression. So, ladies and gentlemen, shall we?

Be grateful for something in particular each day.

Most times, when the feeling of loss or the feeling of being incomplete in comparison to my friends start to come upon me, I make it a point of duty to start being thankful for the things I have. For instance, I can start thanking God for science, because if not for them, how will I be able to see properly without the aid of my glasses? I can also thank God for the fact that we can eat rice in various ways, just imagine it is just rice and stew, and there is nothing like Jollof rice.

The major idea of this is to make us count our blessings, instead of our losses. You can write in a book, or your notepad on your device. For each day starting from now, you put down something you are grateful in this year for, no matter how weird it sounds. You can also thank God for me, if you run out of things to write, but I seriously doubt that.

Make a list of things you could have done better with

As much as we are grateful for the good things, there are some things we must have definitely failed at. The only thing is we will not dwell on them for a long time, we will not always remember the things we have failed in. We will just make a list of the things we feel we should have started but didn’t start, or the things we started and we didn’t do well in.

Apportion blames sincerely

What really made you not achieve them? if you apportion the blames sincerely, it will make you not to be hard on yourself, and also make you hard on yourself if need be.

Did you not achieve it because you did not tell enough people? Or because the economy of the country hit you bad? Or because you were too lazy and procrastinated a lot? Or because you are not doing what you really want? Or maybe, you are just doing it to impress people and to appear you are at the top of your game.

If you sincerely answer these questions, and the more you will be asking yourself, you probably will know how to fix yourself in years to come. And myself too, because I will also be answering the questions.

Start!! Start!! Start!!

You have to start that particular thing. You just have to start, so if you have to fall and rise in it, you will start falling and rising in time. And who says you are going to fall or fail at it, what if you just keep rising and rising? What is meant for you will not reach you if you just sit down there doing nothing, wishing for the stars to drop into your palm. Brethren, don’t let sleep on a bicycle.

Last, but not the least, DON’T GO OUT TOO MUCH.

Don’t take this one too seriously if you have plenty money. Just stay in your house this December period, especially if you are in Lagos. They will finish all your money, and the money you will still have in January. Stay in your house, switch on the AC or fan (if there is light), put on your mobile data, and be reading tweets so you will know what is going on in those concerts.

To attend the concert is not just gate fee alone, the transport fare, the food you will eat there, the data you will use to be videoing for Snapchat and WhatsApp status, and the paracetamol you will need to take after all the stress too. If you have the money, you can go and enjoy yourself to the fullest, we will be here waiting for the gist.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please endeavor to drop a comment, like, and share this post. Thank you!!!

I love you, just you in particular.


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    December 3, 2018

    Aportioning blames correctly is a great way of knowing where to improve on
    While we’d rather blame other people for our problems (I do this a lot), the moment we realize we’re the ones behind most of our not getting stuff done both directly and indirectly, the situations become easier to address
    2019 will be better by God’s grace
    Great article dear!

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      December 3, 2018

      Yeah, since I learnt to apportion blames sincerely, I have grown a little more. 2019 will definitely be better for us all.

      Thank you Odunola

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    December 5, 2018

    Being thankful is such a necessity. I hope it’s something I can make a habit.


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