Praise the lord! Praise the living Jesus! I just want to thank God for the salvation of my soul, I have two testimonies to share to the glory of the lord. Firstly, I’ve been praying to God to give my husband promotion, so his salary will increase. I was opening my shop on Monday morning when my husband called me to say he has gotten a better job, with a car, and a pay of 300,000 naira. I said it’s a lie, he said he wasn’t lying o.

You need to see the way I rushed to Iya risi to share the good news with her, Iya risi also shouted and told everybody in my line at the market that God has done it for me o. Children of God, isn’t it good to me? Stand up and shout three powerful hallelujahs. After sharing the testimony, Sarah dropped her offering and went back to her seat proudly.

When will you be wise? When will you know when to shut up? When will you learn to filter your words? Must you say everything? Joshua was visibly shaking as he was talking to Sarah inside the car immediately after service. Sarah was just wondering why Joshua was worked up over a testimony, are they not supposed to thank God for what he has done for them?

She is still angry with herself because she forgot one other testimony she was supposed to share, it was the hallelujahs that got her carried away. She will have to set reminder for next month’s thanksgiving, so she will add to the testimonies for the next month. Joshua doesn’t even know anything, he thinks it is easy to have a job, not to talk of a promotion.


She intentionally mentioned the exact salary Joshua will be collecting, so the executives of the Good Women Association will know her status has upgraded, and she will join the inner circle soon. She will also change the children’s school to that expensive one, since she will be taking over Joshua’s old car. Then her shop too, she will move to the main market, there is money now. She has finally arrived, God is just too good to her.

Mr Joshua, I’m really sorry for the mix-up, I don’t know how and where the mix-up came from. The letter wasn’t meant for you, but your letter will be here soon, just keep up the good work, I assure you. Those were the words Joshua’s boss said to himd when he resumed to work. The truth is he was surprised when he got the letter, he wasn’t due for promotion and he wasn’t even the next in line for promotion. Thank God he hasn’t annonced to his co-workers, he wouldn’t have to explain too much. He just can’t wait to see the expression on Sarah’s face when she hears about this.

Her expression was priceless, she was shocked, angry, and then shocked again, like it can’t be true. “Joshua, it can’t be true, I have made plans. I have told the children’s teachers that I was going to change the children’s school, I have told Iya Risi I am changing my shop, they have even added me to Women’s executive whatsapp group, how will I tell them there is no promotion again?”, Sarah wailed.

This was when Joshua got angry, Sarah didn’t even care about how he felt when he heard about the news, she is just here talking about who and who has heard about it. If and anytime he has good news again, he’ll keep it to himself, she will only see the results. Only God knows where she has carried the news to within a week, God will just continue to save him from the runnning mouth of his wife.

As Joshua was thinking about all these, Sarah was also thinking of how she will go back to tell all the people she has told. Joshua doesn’t even know she has called his parents, her parents, his elder brother, his cousin in South Africa, and she has even put it on her family’s whatsapp group chat. She should have just waited till the end of the month for them to collect first salary, how many people will she start telling there is no promotion again?

This her running mouth has put her in trouble once again.


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  1. Debs

    OMG!!! I’m reeling in laughter as I read it. This is a typical African wife!!! Chai, I’m suprised she did not even say she wants to go back with her husband to fight for it. Or say it’s Iya Risi that caused it!!! This is a good hilarious piece.

    Lesson learnt: Don’t count your eggs before they are hatched.

    I did not get the DM by the way.

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