Jealousy is not so much a bad thing as we think, it’s a natural human something. It’s something that can happen to anybody at anytime, especially when you least expect it. It is easier to be careful not to get jealous of someone who is not really close to you, you just don’t know how much you’ve gotten jealous of someone you are close to until it’s a little too late.

When you put efforts into something the way your friend is putting efforts, you might even be putting more efforts and the friend is getting better results, or things just come easily for someone when you have to think and think on how to do it when it is your think. It is really hard not to get jealous of that particular person, and if you are not careful, you might end up hating the person or start thinking evil towards the person.

I’ll love to share a few tips on how I deal with jealousy in my own little way, I hope you learn a thing or two from it.

  • Have God: This might sound like a particular saying, but it is the utmost truth. You can do things without God or achieve things with God, but doings things when you have God will make it a lot easier for you. When I mean easier, I don’t mean everything will just dissappear and everything will magically be fine.

Having God will also give you the confidence that no matter how gloomy or perfect today is, tomorrow will be fine. The confidence that you are walking in the right path of destiny, there is nothing reassuring as the fact that you have God.

  • Accept you are jealous: Accept you are jealous of the person, don’t try to sugarcoat in your head. Tell yourself you are actually jealous of the person, this is one very important step. Immediately you accept this, you have broken the jinx already. 

I would have said you should discuss it with somebody, but how will you say you are jealous of someone, especially in this Nigeria. They will just start fasting and prayer on your head, the devil that is inside you must be pushed away. But if there is anyone you trust enough to talk to, it’s fine to talk about it.

  • Mentally list things you are better in: If you know me personally, you’ll know my self-love and self-respect game is sooo on point. When you’ve accepted you are jealous of someone because of their success, console yourself with things you are good at too.

This is why I mentioned having God first, it is when you want to mentally list the things you are good at, the devil will be bringing all the things you are bad at. Be strong o, and start mentioning the good things, mention irrelevant things sef like making eba. Not everybody can make smooth eba

I am sure there are other ways to deal with it too, please drop your comments on how you deal with it too. Let’s all learn how to deal with that ugly feeling, Jealousy.

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My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.

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