When can I celebrate my success?

Hey!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€, it’s been a long while. A really long while, I just finished my exams and I don’t have anything to do with school for the next six months and counting, that’s because I’m going for IT and I can’t wait to have fun, lots of fun. I don’t mind getting hints about the good places in Lagos😎😎😎.

Something has been on my mind all week, I’ll really like to get your views too. What stage are we supposed to get to before announcing or celebrating success? How much are we supposed to celebrate our success? How much of our success are we supposed to let out to the public? How long are we supposed to hide our success? These are questions sensible people should ask themselves and a thousand people will have almost different thousand answers.

First of all, I believe some kinds of success can’t be hidden and I also think letting your success speak for itself is way better than announcing it. Starting from there, I just feel we should learn to keep quiet, like keep shut most times. But social media will not let our mouths be shut, we’ll be tempted to show off the little we have achieved and be expecting people to celebrate that little thing.

Learning to keep quiet saves a whole lot of headache, you don’t have to keep reporting how far you’ve gone or the stage you’re in presently. If people get to know, fine and if they don’t, it’s still fine. One of the disadvantages of celebrating half baked success is, people’s comments and reactions will become major catalysts in pursuing your dreams, your desires and your dreams won’t fuel your happiness again, you become very desperate and that’s a really bad thing.

A very good example is someone who just got converted and is already announcing to every Dick and Harry that he’s a changed man, people will want to see changes immediately and it doesn’t work that way, it’s a continuous process, something that happens gradually. He might get discouraged when he sees the disappointment on people’s faces when he still acts otherwise, but if he keeps it to himself, starts growing gradually, leaving behind certain habits that are obvious, people will notice by themselves and commend. That’s the kind of success that’s worth celebrating.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still share your success with your friends and family but always use your discretion on how to say it and how much to say. This is just my point of view, I’ll like to hear yours when you read this.

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3 thoughts on “When can I celebrate my success?

  1. Tope Akintayo

    Personally, I’m not the kind of person that’s so versed in self-promotion. On a normal day, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what I can do, not to talk of being able to tell you what I have done.

    Now, as much as I don’t think celebrating half baked success is a good idea, I think telling people about your past success in a moderate way (not in the boastful way so.e people do) will make then see what you are capable of. This is why there are things called advertising and marketing.

    Okay… That’s not all I have to say, but let me stop there. Just dropping by to say welcome back to the blog. Looking g forward to seeing more of your update.

  2. Faxtym

    Talking about your success is actually a good idea but one must be smart to know the right time to talk about it. People talking about your success for you can either go right or disastrous..Take for Example the story of David,though David wasn’t praising himself but people were praising him higher than the King,which actually ended up being a disaster for him in front of King Saul. The right time to let people know of your success is if you have really achieved that which you wanted to not at the verge of achieving it..this will give you a rest of mind that people cannot change the output of your input,behind the scene of a movie cannot be seen until the movie is out and sold. That’s why Bill Gate will not tell you he’s going to start selling his new product which he hasn’t finish building. Sometimes it’s reasonable to bring out your output to public when it’s already an output more than when it’s an input in progress.

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