I could hear uncle Seun’s voice from the living room, what’s that man looking for in our house again? I hate uncle Seun, I really hate uncle Seun but I can’t tell anyone how much I hate him because he is everyone’s favourite. He does almost everything around the house, always on the ready to go and he smiles a lot too.

He used to be my favourite uncle till he started doing things to me. Things I used to enjoy and still enjoy, but the pain after is almost unbearable, especially when I want to pee. I feel so hot and peppery down there when I’m going to pee, that I get scared when I feel the urge to pee.

 “Did uncle Seun come with a bag?”, I asked my sister. She said he came with a box, and he will be staying a while because he just got a job in Lagos. How am I supposed to live with my uncle till when I don’t know? He stayed in their house for his youth service, and she prayed he shouldn’t come back.

Uncle Seun will place me on his laps while watching TV, he will gently rub my laps and legs, he did this right in front of my daddy and mummy, but everyone thought it was just bonding. He started touching my buttocks when I go to his room, and then he touched my peepee. The feeling was funny at first.

My daddy kisses me while going to work, Uncle Seun said he could kiss me too because he loves me just like my daddy. He will kiss me and touch my peepee at the same time, the funny feeling will start again when he does it. When my daddy kisses me, he doesn’t waste time and I don’t feel funny.

I asked my daddy why I don’t feel funny when he hugs and kisses me, he looked at me like I was saying nonsense, he just hugged me and left. I didn’t like going to pee after uncle Seun has touched me and kissed me. One day, my mummy saw me walking funny, she asked me why I was walking that way. I told her uncle Seun touched me, and she said I better reduce the rough play I did with uncle Seun.

My elder sister heard me crying when I was trying to pee one day, she asked what was wrong and I told her it was uncle Seun. She was the first to look at me like she understood me, maybe he touched her too. When my sister was around, she made sure I wasn’t around him at all. That was when I suspected he was doing something wrong, but for my sister to not have told my mummy, maybe he was touching her too.

If I tell my parents, they will still not understand. My sister will not explain anything to me either, I’ll have to deal with it myself. But what do I know, I’m just 8yrs old.

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  1. Henry Ibeleme

    This is actually the cry of many innocent girls out there.. It usually start with an uncle that everyone love and respect, an uncle that doesn’t do girl stuff and looks very innocent, without knowing he’s nothing but a pedophile.

    God help us.

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