Incase you missed it, you might like to read part 1 here. UNCLE SEUN TOUCHED ME AGAIN

Watching Aunt Bimbo walk down the aisle, looking so divine and pretty just makes me want to puke. She is probably thanking God she is lucky enough to be getting married to Uncle Seun, the gentle and easy going man. I was forced to be a bridesmaid, everyone thinks I should be a huge part of Uncle Seun’s wedding because he was my favourite uncle as a child.

I’m still a child, just a grown child now. I’m 18years and in my second year in the university, but my family sees me as a small girl, probably because I’m the last child. The look on Uncle Seun’s face disgusts me, he is looking at Aunt Bimbo like she’s the best thing that’s happening right now. I’m sure it’s because Aunt Bimbo is a virgin, I overheard mummy discussing with grandma on how pure and chaste Aunt Bimbo is.

How can he be happy he’s getting married to a virgin when he was the one that messed me up? When my sister stopped me from going to his room, he still found ways to touch me, he made it less painful and more enjoyable. I got used to it and always wanted it, I’m still used to it and always still want it. The difference is I get it not from him alone anymore, but from several people now. I’m basically an addict.

He looked in my direction and smiled, is that tears I see in his eyes? This man is a pretender, or is he really crying because he got the good girl after being the low-key bad guy. When it is my turn to walk down the aisle, will my husband-to-be look at me the way Uncle Seun is looking at Aunt Bimbo? I don’t think so, I’m too messed up for that.

My sister is in the bridal train too, right beside me. When she looked at me, I saw tears in her eyes too. She held my hand and the waters started flowing, she couldn’t stop the tears now. Everyone looking at her thinks she’s crying because she is happy her Uncle Seun is getting married finally, but I know better. I have seen them and I have heard them when they thought I wasn’t around.

My mum is like the mother of the groom, she carried the matter on her head because she is always saying Uncle Seun is her first son. I wish she knew what her acclaimed first son has done with her daughters, I’ll love to see what her reaction will be like. It will be epic. If only she has been more careful or sensitive, this wouldn’t have happened, or it might still have.

They are reading their vows now, and I laughed out loud when Uncle Seun said he was going to remain faithful to her just as he has always being since he met her. I had to cover up the laugh with a cough to avoid being suspicious, I just couldn’t help the laugh because when I went with Uncle Seun to check the hall last week, HE STILL TOUCHED ME AGAIN.

The reception ceremony was more fun than I expected it to be, I temporarily forgot I was supposed to be mocking Uncle Seun and his new wife. Their love seems beautiful, I’m sure some people will use them as their prayer point when they get home.

I can’t wait for things to unfold, it surely will be interesting. Did I mention that Aunt Bimbo finished from my university and from my department, and that she slept with two of our lecturers? Yeah, I heard her gist from a reliable source with proof. I’m going to take a picture with “our virgin”.


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    December 11, 2018

    This is sobering and beautiful.

    I kind of love it

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    December 24, 2018

    This is interesting. Please where is the rest of the story?

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