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I was watching videos on YouTube when I stumbled on the Kings Women again, it was produced by Kemi Adetiba. I was opportune to watch TY Bello‘s episode, I have watched this times without number, but I still gain a new thing anytime I watch it. After watching, I was just led to listen to her song titled “THE FUTURE“. If you have not listened to the song recently, I’ll implore you to listen it to again. I’ll love to discuss somethings about the song, I’ll just share the lyrics first for better understanding.

Verse 1: We are the future

We are the dream

We are the nation

We are part of this

Yes we are so amazing

That’s the least we shall be

At the heart of the nation changing history

Bridge: How can they say that we are finished

We have just begun

When we have no one where else to go

So get out of the way

Out of the way Of the land of our dreams

We are the nation 

We are part of this


Chorus: Oooh, Carry the song

Carry the sound

The future is here

The future is here

Goodbye yesterday

Tomorrow is now for the taking

The future is here  x2


Verse 2: I am the future

I am the dream

I am the nation

I am part of this

Yes, I am so amazing

That’s the least I shall be

At the heart of nation changing history


Bridge/Chorus: The future has come


In the first verse of the song, she said We are the future, the dream, the nation and also, we are at the heart of the nation changing history. Then when she got to the second verse, she personalised it, saying I am the future, I am the dream, I am at the heart of the nation changing history. This is very deep, and I believe she did not make a mistake.

There’s a place of we coming together as Nigerians to try to change our country Nigeria for good, and there is a place of you, standing as an individual, trying to change the country. You cannot come together with other people to impact the country, if you have not started impacting the country in your own little way.

This might be a regular cliché, like something you have been hearing for a long while, but take a chill pill before jumping into conclusions. There are a million and one thing you can do as a Nigerian from home and abroad to better this country, and there are also a lot of things you can do as a Nigerian that will slowly but definitely destroy the country if we continue.

You can start by not blaming the government for everything, you can also start by making sure whatever way you are making money is not depriving other people from their rights, you can also start by rendering help to people who may or never pay you back e.g IDP Camp in Abuja, those children desperately need help. You can also start by not intentionally disobeying government orders, you can start by not cheating your neighbours and families.

The future is here and the future is now, if we don’t start fixing it as individuals, there will be no future at all. It will get frustrating at a point, especially when out of the crowd, you want to stand out, don’t let it get to you. Fight for your future, Fight for your now. You might not know that thing you are supposed to start or stop doing to be a good Nigerian, but when you have made up your mind to be one, they will come to you.

Thank you TY Bello for blessing us with this song, this post is for me and for you reading it also. Please share, so a lot of us can get to know this, even if we have known it before. Thank you 

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