The Regular Unwanted Visitor

Sometimes, I wonder how enjoyable and comforting it will be if the female species of the human race can just get a mail/letter saying: Congratulations!!! You are not pregnant, you can move on with your life for the next one month. Imagine a menstruation free month without having to worry about being pregnant.

I know this sounds surreal, but can you just try to picture how wonderful it will be. No more money for sanitary pads, no more pains, no more pain relievers, no more avoiding some clothes during the period, no more acne, no more unnecessary swollen breasts and the likes.Let’s discuss this one after the other.

Sanitary Pads:

I can remember vividly when a particular kind of sanitary pad was sold for #200, then #250 and now it is #400. I don’t know about others, but I still feel reluctant when I want to remove money for pads. Kudos to the babes with heavy flow who have to buy more than one pad in a month, you deserve all the accolades. Then to those with 28days intervals who sometimes have to go twice in a month, we are all hailing you too!!! 

a typical sanitary pad

The excruciating pains:

If the pains that come with menstruation can just go away, I am almost sure we won’t have too much to worry about. The pains cannot exactly be explained, you have to go through it to understand it well. It is not just the pains you have to deal with alone, it is also the feeling of nausea, or how you feel like putting nothing in your mouth, or how everything and nothing seems to be annoying you. 

I went to my school health center one day to get treated for malaria, I saw someone I know lying on the examination bed in the doctor’s office with a drip being passed into her body, I thought she had malaria until she said she was there because of menstrual pains, that she has gotten so weak. That was when I knew the pains are more serious than we really think. 

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The pain relievers:

When I hear some of the funny things we take just to get relieved of the pain, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Debs of debwritesblog mentioned some ways of dealing with the pain here 

Felvin normally works for a while, but it was rumored at a time that it was harmful to the health. There was one time my friend had to take dry gin with about 46% just for the pain to subside, the funny part was the way she was shouting I am a Christian and I am not supposed to be taking alcohol, but the babe had to do it at that time because nothing seems to be taking the pain away. 

The Acne:

I had a lot of pimples on my face at one time, and one guy in my class was asking if I was menstruating. I knew I took care of myself properly and there was no way I could be smelling, so I was set aback by the question. He said the pimples were not there a few days ago, and the way they just popped out suggested I was menstruating. 

Can you imagine people knowing when you are menstruating just because some beings come together to make your face their abode for a while every month? I am not even sure skincare routine can prevent their coming. 

Swollen tender breasts:

The only good thing I think can be associated with menstruation is the swollen breasts, especially if you are not naturally blessed in that particular region, but the tenderness of the breasts just takes the fun out of everything. Take your big breasts away, I am satisfied with non-tender small breasts, I will push it up with a padded bra. 

I have heard so many myths about the pain, some saying the pain will reduce as you grow older, or the pain will reduce after childbirth. I just hope the strength and fortitude to always see it through every month is given to us. Please share your menstrual stories in the commentsection below, we will love to hear from you.


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    June 4, 2018

    I am just here laughing. Thanks for the linkback, b.

    Periods is just one hell of a situation on its own. If only we can tottally avoid it, life owuld have been better. Yet some people do not even know what this pain is. I know a friend whose remedy is Pepsi, I still laugh when she has to take it to feel better.

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    July 23, 2018

    periods are just annoying. I do have all the defect of being on your period. Acne, pains, heavy flow, painful nipples. I don’t go for lectures at times. For exams I have to use extra pain reliever.. And just pray for pimples to go cause nothing can cure it at that period… And it’s has to come every month… I even do for like 5-6 days. God help me..

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      July 24, 2018

      Just reading this alone sounds painful. I pray the pain reduces as soon as possible.

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