I still remember that day vividly, my secondary school teacher (high school teacher for our people in the abroad) just looked at me and said, why do you look look so ugly and like a criminal? I was shocked and embarased because I was definitely not expecting such at that particular time.

Before you start having a picture of one ugly somebody in your head, I am a beautiful girl. I have this almost pointed noise, my smile is everything, and if you are fortunate to see me without my glasses, you’ll fall in love with my eyes. If you have met me before and you want to argue, please argue with your keypad in the comment section.

That day my teacher told me that, I felt really ugly. I just had my haircut then, so I thought she was saying the truth. My friend that was with me at that time asked if I had offended the teacher before, she then consoled me saying I shouldn’t mind the teacher and that I was prettier than the teacher.

All she said just fell on deaf ears, I already felt ugly. When I got home, I was moody and was answering everybody anyhow. My daddy caught me standing in front of the mirror many times that week, becuase I’ll stand and be wishing I was taller, fatter, smaller eyes, e.t.c My dad is very sensitive, so he suspected I wasn’t comfortable with my own body.


He called me one day, and asked if I wanted to change anything in my body, what will I change? I said a lot of things, I started mentioning them and he just laughed. He asked me if I really don’t know how gorgeous I am, then he started mentioning the things that made me beautiful. By the time he was done, he had mentioned everything.

I went back to the mirror after the discussion, and I noticed everything he said was true. Since then when I mostly look in the mirror, I hardly see what I don’t like, I see what I like instead. I watched a video on insstagram recently and the model said, you can be the ugliest person in the world, but if you are confident with your looks and you dress to suit yourself, no one will have the right to call you ugly.

There is this confidence that comes with feeling beautiful or handsome, it is also the confidence that comes when you are impressed with your dressing when you look in the mirror. Find out that thing that is beautiful about you, it might be your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your chin, your teeth, your smile, your steps when you walk, and so on. It can be anything, you just need to find out.

I’m not saying you should be always vain and be so concerned about your physical beauty, I’m just saying no one has the right to make you feel ugly or incomplete, you don’t even have the right either. So, you shouldn’t give anybody that privilege to make you feel ugly.





My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.

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    December 24, 2017

    You’re lucky to have such an amazing dad. That teacher should be fired! What kind of professional says that to their own student?! He should have been reported! Nevertheless I’m glad you’ve found your confidence because if those pictures are anything to go by, you are absolutely beautiful! And don’t forget that ?

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