Having a lot of friends (which is almost automatically becoming a bridesmaid) is actually cool, it seems like a lot of fun until they all start having reasons to celebrate within the same period of time. This is the story of my life right now. How am I supposed to tell my friends to chill with all these celebrations? It’s not like I am jealous or something, it’s just that it’s a lot of money.

One of my friends Bimbo got married last month, and the “debts” that is still on my head ehn. That Bimbo’s own was even annoying, please try not to insult me when I give you a breakdown of the money I spent on somebody’s wedding.

After the weekend she got engaged, I just saw that I was added to one WhatsApp group that has Bimbo in the group name. I wasn’t even part of the people she called the day she got engaged, I saw it on Instagram like every other person. Before they will start saying someone is “bad belle”, I did not remove myself from the group.


They said we should contribute #5,000 each for congratulatory party. Which one is congratulatory party again? That was the first time I was hearing that kind of party, all the congratulations we have been saying nko. They said it’s basically a girls’ hangout where we will officially congratulate her, and she will also choose her bridesmaids and her aso-ebi girls. I sha contributed.

If I had known the wahala will be plenty like this, I would have just said my mummy organized deliverance service during the wedding period. Luckily, or not so luckily now, I was part of the bridal train.

This is a random picture of a beautiful bridesmaid

The agreed plan was we were all going to wear the same material for the engagement ceremony, and for the white wedding, the bridesmaids will wear a different material, wear the same shoes, and style our hair the same way. The aso-ebi ladies will also wear a different material. So, we agreed the bridesmaids would pay #50,000 which includes two materials, a pair of shoes, a make-up artist, and a hair-stylist.

This was sounding reasonable until it was time to pay. It was like they blocked my head at that point, so I wouldn’t remember that I was still going to pay tailor to sew the material for the engagement. Is it my hair that has refused to grow the hair stylist will come and style? The simple English is I will have to make fine hair for the wedding.


I was still licking my wounds silently, when I woke up to another WhatsApp group “Bridal shower and wedding gift”. You people should just kill me please, it’s obvious this one too will be about money. This one I didn’t even say anything at all, I was just there like I wasn’t there. We were about 25 or so in the group, so they said #12,000 per person. I didn’t even argue, I just sent #5,000 after a while and ignored everything they were saying.

Bridal shower has come and gone, Wedding has come and gone, people that did the wedding have even gone and come back from honeymoon, and I am still here counting my losses. My colleague at work after listening to my palava encouraged me that I will also have people at my wedding. Who said I was going to get married sef? Apart from that, this one they will also soon get married, who will be my own bridesmaids?

As of now, I don’t care who is getting married, I’m either coming as a guest or not coming at all. If we will fight, please let us start fighting from now. My parents did not go through the stress of training me just to be counting bridges in Lagos, and not achieve anything.


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    August 4, 2018

    Lmao!!!! I have been added to two what’s group for bridesmaid & Aso-ebi girls, I don’t even want to think about the costs yet. Then my cousin called me to tell me she will be getting married December. I told her a quick congratulations & feingned I was at work. And I will call her back later in the evening. I know at some point I will be forced to think of the costs but for now I just want to enjoy my peace of mind.

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      August 4, 2018

      I don’t envy you at all o, just please snap enough fine pictures for us. Better still, you can say you are going to the mountain for prayers immediately you hear the date. Lol!

      I’m off to your blog, thanks for the comment.

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    August 6, 2018

    Oh my God, Susan, kill me with laugh! My dear, i can relate. I have given myself a cap on how much I will spend on any wedding I am attended to. Once I reach that cap amount which includes aso ebi, transport to the place (half of my friends do not live in Abuja, which means, i must travel miles each time I need to attend any wedding), make up and any other miscellaneous, I am not going further. Like I literally do not care on whatever outstanding is left.

    I’m sorry, I really did not come into this world to watch other people achieve so much while I spend money away to outshine the bride, lols.

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