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Having a best friend or best friends is cool, you get to go out together, gist together, discuss intimate stuff, make jest of stuff together, and so on. I asked a few questions around about the “Best friend Tag” , I wanted to hear from other people too.

It’s really amazing how you meet someone, especially when we were younger. You have a lot in common, you just click and start talking a lot, you share secrets with each other, you feel you are close enough to call each other best friends.

This is all fun until you meet someone new you feel the same about, probably because you get to spend a lot of time at work, school, or anywhere. You start sharing memes with each other, laugh at inside jokes, make plans for the weekend, and then you feel you are cheating on your best friend because you are having the kind of fun you have with them with other people.

At this point, are you supposed to reduce the fun with the new person? Or you drop your old best friends for the new ones? Or you introduce them to each other? Because of this, most of us have lost precious relationships, both old and new ones.

The truth is we are always growing and we will always continue to grow at all points of our lives, and the level and area of our growth will most likely determine the kind of people we will be really close to at a particular time. It’s advisable to keep your old friends, but you should give room for new friends too.

Here are a few people’s thoughts about the best friend tag.


It’s kind of stressful placing the tag on a particular person and calling the person your best friend. I have some really close friends, it’s not like I don’t fancy the best friend thing tho. I used to have a best friend then, we went our separate ways because of admission, we maintained the relationship for about a year or two, we drifted apart. We still talk, but she has other friends now that know a lot of things about her I don’t know and there are some things about me she doesn’t know too. I don’t think there is any need to call someone your best friend when you will still meet people you can possibly get to.


I don’t have a particular best friend because I have people I’m really close to. They ask me for advice and I do too. You know how we guys are, we don’t really do these kinds of stuff.


I am best friend to somebody and someone else is my best friend. It’s just that everyone wants to belong to a certain clique, so when you hangout with new people for a short while, you start calling each other best friends


I have a lot of close amazing friends and I’m not ready to lose any of them because they complete me in different ways. I have different things I share with them, because I know their strengths and weaknesses. I know whose advice should be taken at a particular point in time.

I will appreciate what you think about it, and if you have ex-best friends, or you still have your best friend since forever. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe

Cheers to the weekend.


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    September 22, 2017

    this is so true. i don’t even talk to my best friends anymore

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      September 22, 2017

      You can still reach out to them, just to know how they are doing. For old times sake

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    September 22, 2017

    The best friend tag might be stressful especially when you part ways and you no longer have some particular reasons to communicate with each other frequently like you use to. Thou I have few friends but I have each for different purposes ? #lifemadeeasy

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      September 22, 2017

      Yeah, that’s true. But that each for different purposes ehn, when they are not clothes. I’m watching you

      • Opeyemi

        September 22, 2017

        ?? Don’t get me wrong o

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    Akinyemi Henry olumide

    September 22, 2017

    Personally I’m close to everyone around me but you know in life, you different set of people at every stage of your growth maybe through your new school or new environment or even where you work and to be sincere it’s hard keeping everyone around. It’s cool to have best friends or a best friend but you can still be close to everyone. It just depends on your communication level. I have friends I have known since my early years in secondary school, I’m in 400l now and we are still really cool. Like I said earlier “communication”

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      September 22, 2017

      Like you said, communication is key. That’s just the major thing. Thanks for dropping a comment

      • Akinyemi Henry olumide

        September 22, 2017

        You’re welcome

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    September 23, 2017

    Well, I believe am not the type of person that has the luck of having best friends, I keep friends a lot nd we see when we see and talk when we talk, cos placing to much tag on someone as your best friend might hurt really bad when you guys start drifting apart. So I believe am going to support one of the previous comments, having different kind of friends for different kind of purpose… No string attached…….

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      September 23, 2017

      Lol, that’s true. All of you with having different friends with different purposes ehn. But have you subscribed?

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    Harris Sophie

    September 24, 2017

    Well you are right,give room for new people and also communicate with the old friends,but there are sometimes the new best friend understands you better than the old friend

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    Olabintan Odunola

    November 8, 2017

    So I have two best friends but what I’ve realized that us remaining best friends for close to five years now has been a result of the active efforts we put in our relationship despite the fact that we’re in different schools , we try to make things work and so far so good, and of course this doesn’t stop me from making new friends that might eventually become as close to me as they are, it’s understanding that matters, they all have different roles they play in my life.. Really nice post dear!.. Kudos!

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      November 13, 2017

      Babe, you’ve said it all. It’s understanding that matter. Thank you

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