If you have no need to wear glasses before you see properly, just be dropping extra offering in church every Sunday. Not to sound ungrateful, I’ll like to appreciate those who decided being short-sighted is a big deal and discovered lens to help us see well, and as if this kindness is not good enough, they gave us beautiful frames to rock the lens. Doctors call it “myopia”, bullies call it “four eyes”, and we call it “a struggle”.

Let me start with the very common one. Someone will just walk up to you, remove your glasses, and ask how many fingers he has in front of your face. Excuse me brother, I’m not sure you know how it’s doing you, please just be leaving the glasses anywhere I keep it on my face. Or the time you are not wearing your glasses, someone will point to a billboard and ask you to read what is on it, and if you can’t, the person will be like “oh, you really can’t see without glasses”. No, I can see, I just enjoy wearing glasses everyday and every time of my life. *rolls eyes behind glasses*.

Let’s move on to the times we will sleep off with the glasses on,and you will wake up with your glasses directly under your head. If you get lucky, the frames are just bent, not broken. Then you have to endure always adjusting glasses on your face because they are now bent and loose, you can’t even take proper selfies anymore because your glasses are sitting awkwardly on your nose. I am the Queen of gluing frames, you need to contact me for lessons, I can glue anywhere on the frames and it will be just like new. I’ve had years to practice, so don’t mess with the queen.

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This one is the funny one, when it is raining and you don’t know what to do exactly. When you find yourself outside when it is raining, you either take the glasses off and not see OR keep the glasses on and still not see. This is something you might never understand if you don’t use glasses. Guys, the struggle is really real.

Another major struggle is you have to choose between being blind or being hot! You will see a pair of sunglasses that will really look good on you, you would have started picking the amazing outfit that will go with it, and BOOM! you remember you are already stuck with a pair of glasses you need to be able to see. You will just humbly drop the sunglasses, and be asking yourself who you really offended. Have you been to the cinemas to watch a 3D movie? and you have to wear the 3D googles over your glasses, let me leave you to picture the rest in your head.

Lastly, when you are in church and they are either doing miracle or healing service. If they mistakenly mention the case of those wearing glasses, just remove your glasses and put it somewhere. If you do not do this, people around you will just be looking at you one kind, you probably have a demon inside you that is resisting the great power of God.


If you wear glasses and you do not drop a comment after saying thank you on your behalf, don’t let me just say what will happen. If you have also bullied those that wear glasses, please drop a comment too. I will love to hear from you, especially you that just read this part! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share.



My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    March 8, 2018

    The 3D movies part?? Lord I thank you o

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      March 8, 2018

      Please carry yourself away from here ???. On your way out, remember to drop offering o

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    March 8, 2018

    Another major struggle is you have to choose between being blind or being hot! This one killed me….

    Wearing glasses na real work. Especially when you are all sweaty and the glasses keeps sliding doen your nose….Oh God!

    In one year, I have changed frames three times. I am thinking of Contacts but I am very afraid of the little eyesight I have left…..

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      March 8, 2018

      I even forgot the sweaty part one, you will be adjusting glasses anyhow. One time I wanted to get contacts, the rules were just too much. The Lord is our strength????

      Thank you!!!!

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    March 9, 2018

    Oh my God, I shouldn’t laugh buy this is hilarious. I am one of those that will tell people on glasses to remove it to see if they can actually see without it, I know it’s wrong but sometimes it’s fun.

    And to think when I was younger, I always wished I wear glasses because only intelligent people wear glasses. What a myth!

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    March 12, 2018

    Yay. I can finally leave a comment here!! I can totally relate to these things mehn. The rain part is just so frustrating. However, a couple of months ago, I said yes to being hot and ditched the glasses. Lol. Now I live with astigmatism and myopia without glasses. Not the best decision I’ve made, sooner or later, I’ll have to swallow my pride and get them back. Till then tho.

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      March 13, 2018

      Yes to being hot!!! I’m considering contacts just because of this hotness o, but I’ll be still managing the glasses for now, before all these Lagos drivers will just break my legs which will equal zero hotness ??.

      Thanks Anastasia??

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    March 17, 2018

    This is very funny! Really enjoyed this post. To think that some people, eg, me who do not really have need for glasses think it looks cool and wouldn’t mind getting one. .. Lol.

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