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Today, I’ll love to share one interesting story someone told me. This story is funny, and at the same time annoying. When you are done with the story, please make sure to drop a comment in the comment section. If you haven’t subscribed to the blog, please do, IT’S FOR FREE, and don’t forget to share. Thanks guys… Now let’s get to our story.

There is this fine christian guy, let’s call him Seun. He’s done with school, and he’s managing one job like that sha that is paying him a little. I don’t know if he has served because I have not seen him in any NYSC pictures. Seun knows he is a kind of guy that every woman wants, most especially “christian” guys. You know all those guys that know they are fine, they have sense, and they will be behaving as if they don ‘t know, Seun is one of those guys. I’m sure you get the picture.

In church, there is this girl he always talk to and play with. Let’s call her Favour. Church things brought them together, and they took it from there. She has a boyfriend, and she is always discussing issues she has with her boyfriend with Seun. As per smart christian brother, Seun will just be advising her and be telling her how to handle stuff. Favour is still in school, so sometimes Seun has to visit her in her hostel.

They kept the cycle, and Favour started thinking Seun likes her. You know the gist na, and the way it works. So, Favour was already misbehaving a lot with her boyfriend, thinking bro Seun was in love with her and didn’t know how to say it. Favour’s sister had something to do in school, so she had to stay with Favour for a while.

This is where the story gets interesting, Seun met Favour’s sister and developed interest. The kind of interest he had with Favour, and he shifted attention from Favour to her sister. It was kind of awkward because when Seun goes to Favour’s room, he will mostly be talking with her sister. Favour confided in her sister and told her everything, her sister said she was going to talk to Seun.

Fvour’s sister asked Seun and Seun said he doesn’t know that Favour felt that way towards him. He said he didn’t like Favour by the way, but he likes the sister. The sister went back to tell Favour what Seun said, Favour insisted Seun likes her and it’s because of her sister Seun started talking like that.

Now, Favour’s sister will have to sneak out to pick Seun’s calls so as not to get Favour angry, Favour broke up with her boyfriend and is shouting men are scum, she has sha started doing nonsense with guys. Seun is claiming he doen’t have any faults and he is still going to stick to Favour’s sister.

so guys, tell me what you think so I’ll even know where I’ll start the advice from. Thank you in advance because I know you guys will help me. Love y’all

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  1. #pastorgoody#

    The problem here is that
    First Broda Seun sent the wrong signal as ladies get such signals as love signs.
    But Sis Favour should have Defined the relationship when the closeness starts becoming much so at this stage I would blame the lady and the guy.

    Let us assume the guy do not know he is turning the lady on but an adage said any food you won’t eat you won’t taste so why always doing monitoring spirit for the lady beside guy let us not deceive ourselves we actually know we are passing the wrong signal but we just wave it and play along

    And the lady she brought all this upon herself she should have defined this from the onset and so she thinks breaking up with her boyfriend would help matters well I pity her now she sees the end product..
    So guys please don’t let us send the wrong signal and keep it at arm’s length if you are not ready and the lady always ask question before falling deep… #pastorgoody#

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