Hiii guys!

It’s been an amazing year with you here, I really want to appreciate everyone who has found time to read and comment on the blog. The joy of an average writer is not only to write, but to see people read and enjoy what is being written. Each view, like, and comment you have dropped over here has done things to me that cannot be put into writing, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I’ll love to end this wonderful year with a story, this story is not supposed to be funny o, I am/was supposed to go for proper deliverance session after it happened. It’s not just any kind of deliverance, the MFM kind of dry fasting and prayer deliverance. Please if you have any pastor in mind, please hook a sister up.

In my school, one major business is the food business. At almost every corner of the school, there is a canteen and because foodstuff is not that expensive, food prices are relatively cheap. You’ll just prefer to eat pounded yam and egusi for #200 max, instead of going home to start looking for how to cook egusi and pound yam.

There is this particular shop close to my faculty, we call it the “the blue shop” . This is basically because the shop is painted blue, this shop was always filled with people. The number of people I have taken there to eat ehn, they are supposed to have given me award. It’s not as if this shop is too fine, the food there is not so spectacular, it’s just the warmth and the customer service that is so endearing.

Immediately after morning lectures most times, we will all resume to “the blue shop” to eat either pounded yam, amala, fufu, or rice. I preferred pounded yam, and when I said “we” , I meant close to half of my coursemates. Sometimes, they will have to hurry people up to create space for others.

When I resumed after the 6 months Industrial Training outside school, I went with my roommate to go and say hi there when I got to school, as per, I’ve been out for a while. The shop was locked, I just assumed it was because students had not fully resumed, so they had not resume too. I was with my coursemates three days after when I just said I was hungry, that we should all go to “the blue shop” . The reply they gave me made my heart just skip.

They first asked if I didn’t hear any gist when I was at home, I said no. One nice person then offered to tell me what happened, he said they had closed down the shop. He said the woman was sick and she started confessing, she said she use to give our “omi isanwo”, that is the water we use to wash our hands to yahoo boys. MOGBE!!!

After eating there normally, they will pack the used plates and the dirty water. The guy said Yahoo guys will then come to pay for the dirty water. I was like aye mi, temi bami. How many is the destiny that they are using dirty water to collect? The funniest part is if they had opened that day, I’ll probably have eaten again.

There is this guy I’m sure they got very well, he will always leave class just to go and eat pounded yam there. A class will be on, he will excuse himself just to go to “the blue shop” . These Yahoo boys are just too desperate, to eat in school now is scary. It is easy to say I will not eat out, when you have lectures from 9-5 ehn and the hunger wants to kill you, you’ll just start finding solutions.

My plan is to be going with my plates, and after washing my hands, I’ll pour the water away myself. But what if they do something to the food itself? If I decide to eat bread sef, what if they have something to the bakery? We like wahala in this Nigeria, I just know I’m covered with the blood of JesusπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ ,

If you have any similar story, please share it in the comment section. Thanks guys!!!!

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