Hii guys!

I’m sorry I went AWOL for a while, my phone disappeared. I don’t know if I can say it got missing or stolen, because my phone was there and it suddenly wasn’t there. It was like a dream, now I have to beg for data before I can upload. It’s not easy begging for phone to type and upload, hence I have not posted since.

It would have been easier getting all these at home, but my phone got missing the week I resumed school. Coming back to school as a student after the 6 months Industrial Training is really hard, I don’t even know how to listen and take notes seriously for more than one hour. If this is happening to you or has ever happened to you, please share your experience in the comment section.

Attending my first lecture yesterday and seeing the enthusiasm on students’ faces to learn made me write this post, I’m certain some people have made resolutions on how they want the new session to be like. It’s so discouraging to have had high dreams for a particular semester, and still see mediocre results.

In school, after prayers, you don’t just have to be just hard-working. You need to be smart working too. I’ll like to share some tips on how to balance and get better results in school, this post is not to give you reasons to read and it is also not for geniuses😄😄😄. These tips are in no particular order, I hope you gain a thing or two.

  • Get your timetable and know your courses: I am very bad at knowing course codes and course titles, sometimes I even ask of the course title in the examination hall. This doesn’t mean I don’t know my courses, knowing your courses is past knowing the title and codes. For each session, there are new courses and you have to know them personally.
  • Attend classes: This is the best way to know your courses. Sometimes the lecturer might not know how to lecture well, but listening to the lecturer will help you to know where the lecturer will most likely come from during exams. You can collect notes, ask your coursemates to explain to you, but nothing beats being in class listening to the lectures yourself.
  • Learn balancing: This is very important, most students don’t know how to balance courses. There are always known hard courses in a semester, courses that are really difficult. These are the courses that the devil uses to distract students, you will find out that you would have wasted more than half of your time on a particular course. Then when it is close to the exams, you have issues knowing the simple ones because they are too much to take in.

If you are offering about eight courses in a semester, there will surely be one or two courses that will seem difficult. You will be tempted to always give extra attention to those courses than the rest, this is not bad but doing it at the expense of the other courses is not nice. It is harder to upgrade a course when majority of the class have passed averagely well, so because you didn’t prepare well, you might end up with a C and still have a B or C in that difficult course.

  • Be confident: Confidence is important, very very important. It’s not like confidence will bring to your brain what you haven’t read, but it will help you retain the ones you have read. Confidence is key, you need to build it up, you will need it everywhere. One quick trick to help during exams, do not look at the exams questions immediately you are given. Drop it on your table facing down, chill for about 2 mins and then read, you might not understand how much it helps until you try it.

I know there are lot of tips I haven’t mentioned, you can drop them in the comment section please. Till I get data and phone again, see you later guys. If you want to assist me or dash me a new phone for christmas, please let me know o. God can dceide to use you.

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