Babe, get up! You need to get up now or you’ll be late for work. Waking up Seun is one hard work to do and Femi is already considering adding to his CV “Ability to raise the dead”. Seun is a heavy sleeper, and can sleep right through a tornado, she even slept off on their wedding night and he had to beg her to stand up the next morning so they won’t miss their wedding thanksgiving service.

Seun, I’m not driving to work today, so I can’t drop you off at the roundabout. If you’re not ready for a query, better carry yourself from the bed and start dressing up, I’m not ready to tell you sorry this evening o, Femi said this and went into the bathroom to clean himself up.

Seun cannot believe Femi did not remember her birthday is today, she has been awake since past 4 waiting for him to wake her up with hugs and kisses, he just woke up and started talking about work and getting late. Who cares about work or being late? It’s just 5 months after the wedding, and he is already forgetting these things. Today should just come and end, it already started on a bad note.

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Dear Seun, Happy birthday to you! Her coworkers even remembered her birthday and prepared for it, but her husband, the supposed love of her life, didn’t remember her birthday and was just shouting about not being late to work and traffic. It’s even today that he decided not to drop her.


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Femi decided not to subscribe for data on his phone since yesterday, he was avoiding a message from a client. If not, he would have at least seen a few people wishing his wife happy birthday. He didn’t forget the date actually, he just forgot that that particular day was the particular date. He doesn’t know what was going to hit him when he gets home.

Femi was going for lunch when he called Seun to ask her how her day was going, and she was sounding like she was vexed about something and he could not remember anything he had done to annoy her this time. He just felt they will fix it when they got home, so he decided to call his mom to pass time.

Femi oko mi, bawoni? (Femi my dear, how are you), How is Seun? Where is the party? Seun was confused, what party was his mummy talking about. He asked her who was doing party and she said for Seun’s birthday. He still didn’t get and said today wasn’t Seun’s birthday. His mom said it was all over facebook o, he then asked what was today’s date, his mom said 18th. That was the exact time he knew he was in trouble.

He needed to plan something, and he has to be fast about it. Seun would kill him if he has no plans, but how could he have forgotten sef? It’s majorly because there wasn’t data on his phone and he hasn’t done anything with the date today. He messed up, it was too early to start forgetting birthdays. He has to plan something in a way it wouldn’t appear he forgot.

Sharply he called a cake factory, to please deliver a nice cake to her office as soon as possible, with a note too. He was going to text them what they were going to write in the note. It was a little too late to get reservations at a very nice restaurant and he wanted something different also. He was going to close early, go home and cook.

Femi made jollof rice and plantain, and also pepper soup. Those were Seun’s favorites, she should be happy. He ordered Uber for her and sent her the details, that was part of the plan because he couldn’t pick her up at the roundabout. Femi was just glad he could make plans, no matter how small they could be.

Seun got home to the smell of peppersoup and fried chicken. She was really glad, especially when they brought the big cake to her office. After they had eaten and prepared for bed, Seun was telling Femi how she was just waiting for her to confirm he had forgotten, she would have been totally disappointed. Femi smiled and asked her how can he forget her birthday, that it wasn’t ever going to happen.

Femi just turned and remembered how he was SAVED BY A PHONE CALL

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