If we were all told to define pain in our own terms besides the English dictionary, we will have different things to say. This is because we have all felt pains in different ways, and different measures.

A 5yr old will most probably define pain as losing his chocolates or losing his new school kit, a 10yr old will say losing his wristwatch from his favourite uncle or being denied his favourite game was really painful.

A 20yr old will most likely feel a level of pain because he/she was not noticed by someone he/she has been crushing on, or when the parents wants a different course of study. A man or woman in the thirties will tell you haven’t felt pain until a business you rely on crashes right in front of you.

This might not be the case for you in any age category, but it is definite you would have felt pain at one point of your life. When you are in pains, and someone says he can feel your pain, it can be true but no one can feel the depth of fail you feel at that moment.

Two siblings can lose their mother and not feel the pain in the same. This might not be because one loves their mother more than the other, but because the level at which they react to pain.

Pain can never be fully understood, unless it is being felt. No one can feel the exact pain of someone or how much it hurts, you can just assume how much pain they should be in because of the conditions surrounding that which has caused the pain.

To a certain extent, I feel it’s wrong to console someone with “I feel your pain” or “I understand what you are going through at this point”. Even if you feel you really do feel the pain, the person grieving will never understand it. We should learn to be careful of what we say when consoling someone who is grieving, sometimes the best thing is just to keep quiet and let them talk.

There is also this pain that comes with looking at someone you love in pain, and it gets worse when there is little or nothing you can do about it. Some people are also in pain but have refused to acknowledge they are in pain, this is most likely emotional pain.

Pain can not be fully explained or discussed. I just pray for everyone in pain, the good Lord will grant them the fortitude to bear the pain and overcome it


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.

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