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It’s the weekend already, this week just went by in a jiffy. I had a list of things to do this week, the only thing I think I did this week was write that list! I have a lot of stories of being embarrassed in public, I’m so awkward in public and I do a lot of stupid things that will just lead to me being embarrassed.

This one wasn’t even my fault totally, this woman just decided to wash me publicly. On this particular day, my boss had sent me to the other building like 10 times. I was getting frustrated and angry, so I wasn’t in my right frame of mind totally. There was no elevator in my building, I had to take the stairs, go to the other building, wait for the elevator at the ground floor, and start waiting again for the elevator to stop for people at their respective floors. Doing that over and over again that day just to drop files was annoying.

As I was getting to the other building, the elevator door was just closing, so I shouted for someone to stop it for me. I got in, and my friend also shouted from the door too for me to stop the elevator. It’s really annoying to wait for that elevator to go all the way up and come down. As a good friend, I stopped the elevator.

Meanwhile, a woman was just hissing and talking that she doesn’t understand children of nowadays, that after seeing adults in the elevator, I wasn’t supposed to keep them waiting. I kept quiet because I wasn’t understanding the respect inside elevator again. Unfortunately for me, the woman, my friend and I stopped at the same floor.

I talked briefly with my friend complaining about the day’s stress, so the woman had gone before me. This same woman opened the door for another woman, maybe her boss, so I entered when she was still holding the door because I was directly at the back of the other woman. The other woman said I was rude, that I wasn’t supposed to enter yet, that I was supposed to enter when someone older was holding the door.Truthfully, I wasn’t even conscious of the situation at that time, I just wanted to enter. I sha apologised and I did what I wanted to do.

When God will have it again, as I was about entering the elevator back to the ground floor, this same woman entered with me. She was looking at me one kind, so I decided to apologise, that was the great mistake I did. I said she shouldn’t be angry I entered when she was opening the door, that it wasn’t intentional. This woman eyed me from up to down, and said very loudly, if you were brought up properly, you wouldn’t have done that, you should go back to be trained.

People were inside the elevator, they started looking at me one kind. If I had apologised loudly, at least they would have known my offence and be sure I wasn’t flirting with her husband because that insult was just too much. I WAS VERY EMBARRASSED.

LOL, I’ll love to hear your stories too. Please drop them in the comment section. Thanks


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.

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