My friend’s friend is sooooo meanaa

No matter how much you ran away from mathematics (or still running), I am sure you did a little bit of Algebra in school, especially BODMAS. It was hard for some people (unlike some of us who devoted our lives to mathematics) to remember the results when you multiply signs, a teacher had to teach us a scope to help us remember.

+ Γ— + = +

+ Γ— – = –

– Γ— + = –

– Γ— – = +

The positive sign (+) represents a friend, the negative sign (-) represents an enemy. This is how it goes, some of us should be familiar with it.

The friend (+) of your friend (+) is your friend (+)

The friend (+) of your enemy (-) is your enemy (-)

The enemy (-) of your friend (+) is your enemy (-)

The enemy (-) of your enemy (-) is your friend (+)

This was easier because all you need to remember was the + represented a friend and the – was the enemy. It was easier because it was just portraying our mindsets, I’ll love to discuss them one after the other.

The friend of your friend is your friend

What if I don’t like my friend’s friend? That I am friends with your friend doesn’t mean you have to be my friend too. So we have to pretend to each other when we see each other and be asking unnecessary questions we don’t really mean, it’s not like it’s really bad but I feel life is too short to be pretending to each other. You can be civil to each other, don’t try to force a connection if there is none. If you like or connect with your friend’s friend, it’s totally cool to be friends with them.

—The friend of your enemy is your enemy

This one used to be so true in secondary school, till now sef. Do you really think you can be friends with my enemy, and still be friends with me? No, you have to better be on my side or their side. This really sounds lame, you don’t have to think like that. It’s okay to not be too close to them, but you don’t have to necessarily tag them your enemies or put them in that zone where you don’t talk to them. You don’t whose help you will be needing and when you will be needing it.

—The enemy of your friend is your enemy

Yass!!!! You can’t not like my friend and expect me to like you, it’s not possible. Who told you it isn’t possible? You better not block yourself because of something that does not really concern you. When they will be ending their fight, you might not be there and were you even there when they started? I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand up for your friend when necessary, you just need to apply wisdom when doing it. Even the bible says wisdom is the principal thing.

—The enemy of your enemy is your friend

This one used to be my favourite, we need to get together to deal with the enemy o. Thank God for Christ sha because old things are passed away. The enemy of your enemy isn’t your friend, you better address your battles differently. Sometimes, the enemy of your enemy’s enemy because of the same reason you are your enemy’s enemy, this doesn’t mean your enemy’s enemy is your friend (Lol, please read this part again to understand completely).

This life is so short to be having enemies, simply ignore anyone who is trying to become an enemy. Also try not to do things that will make people see you an enemy. Just try to live life and enjoy life jare, this life isn’t that hard.


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.

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    February 28, 2018

    Hi. I’m just reading through a lot of your posts and I’m enjoying it.

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