I didn’t know I was going to write today because there was nothing I planned to talk about, but something happened at work this morning that I thought it will be nice if I could share with you.

Every Monday at work, we always have this meeting where we plan for the week. During the meeting, we will place a target for the week and make plans on how to meet up with the target, we will also compare what we achieved last week to the target planned to know if we did not just waste our time.

During today’s meeting, my boss made some valid points. He wanted to put an end to the strife that was building up in the office, so he made some points to address the issue and it was like he was talking to me directly. Here it goes:

— To be great in life, your idea shouldn’t be the best. For you to make headway in life, you should not think your idea is the best. Sometimes after you have carefully thought of something and you feel everything in place, you should still listen to other people in case there are loopholes.

From another dimension, when you are working with a group of people as a team, even if you feel you are the smartest, still try to listen to others because your idea can and never will be enough for the team to meet up with the target.

Even with your family, as a father, mother, or as a child, you should not think your idea is the best or the way others think is not up to standard. Always know it’s not about you alone, there are others involved.

— Don’t accept negativity, always be positive. He said even if the situation is obviously looking like a bad one, you should be positive. Being positive gives one drive like that, that drive can’t be explained, but when you are always negative, you feel discouraged which makes it hard to plan.

— Don’t padlock your mouth when you have problems. This is one thing I have always known, you don’t know who is in position to help you. I’m not saying you should always beg for favors, but you should know better than to keep your mouth shut when you are obviously in need.

He gave an instance of when he was going to start a business and he needed funds, it was the carpenter that came to fix something that directed him to where he could get help, so nobody is too small or too big to talk to.

I woke up feeling not too good but after hearing him say all these things, strength just came from nowhere and I’m feeling really positive about this week. I hope you do too

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4 thoughts on “MOTIVATED MONDAY

  1. amusan olabode

    Nice one Ayomide.

    This is a good piece especially the second point. Negativity starts in the mind and so does positivity. What you have in your mind drives your whole essence,your speech, your action and everything around you. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. Think positively and things will work out positively. Think negatively and you’ll have to deal with the results.

    Keep it up 👍👍

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