It was early last year Bode mentioned his mummy wanted to meet me officially as his girlfriend. I was reluctant at first, but then I thought that since we have been dating for so long and I was almost 24, there really is no big deal in meeting her.

After all, Bode was already known by basically everybody in my house. I know his siblings, but meeting his mummy was a major milestone, and trust me, it didn’t go well at all.

She wasn’t pleased with what my parents are doing, what I was doing, she made me feel inadequate that day. It was like she was already filled with information about me, we weren’t on the same page at all. We could both decipher that in one day.

I knew who already fed her bad stuff about me. It’s that overly tall Bode’s sister, she was always acting like I wanted to snatch her brother from her, or it was my fault that she was that tall, abi long sef. Then the day she got really mad was when Bode told her to come down from the front seat of the car for me to sit down.

“But you were buying stuff for her then. Why didn’t you tell us she was like that sef? We would have dealt with her for you. If she is the major reason you broke up with Bode, I will break your head, and I am not even joking about that one.” Doyin said in her already sad, or maybe pity voice.

I had the urge to laugh, because if that is just the reason, I wouldn’t have kept it to myself this long.

Bode’s mum decided to take our names to one pastor like that for prayers, for confirmation, so we will know if or not we are wasting time. Pastor sha said we are not compatible, that I was going to be a hindrance to his growth in life. I was baffled. Me? Hindrance?

After this, Bode’s mummy said we should forget this relationship, that she will never give her consent, no matter what happens. Bode refused at first, and insisted it was me he wanted. He also said since we have been together, his life has been really smooth, with no cause to worry.

It was just like the devil was waiting for that period to strike, Bode was denied promotion at work. He was disappointed because it was sure he was going to get it. After a month or two, he lost the job. I tried explaining to him that he didn’t take work seriously after he was denied promotion, he didn’t do all he was supposed to do, that was why he lost the job. He said I was lying.

He just called me one day, saying maybe we should stay away from each other for a while, so we can see if what the pastor said is true. I was beyond hurt. If I had caught him cheating, it would have been better. But he broke up with me because somebody said I was a hindrance to his progress, that really hurts. How was I supposed to tell anyone that?

“Baby girl, you should have said something. No wonder you were so withdrawn, you are still withdrawn. We thought it was just the breakup that was affecting you, and we didn’t want to ask too much questions. We didn’t even see the breakup coming.” Feranmi said amidst tears.

“It’s okay guys. I’m good now, and I’m serious about that. I think it is better I didn’t say anything then, Lara would have offered to kill either Bode or his mother. I was too sad for all that drama.” I reply as cheerfully as I can.

“You know me babe, you know me too well. I need just his surname, that’s all, the surname is all I need. I will find her and I will finish her. Before I finish her, she will take me to the pastor for me to ruin him also. She will have no choice than to take me to him, baby girl, your girl will help you revenge. You just sit and watch.” Lara interjected as I was still talking.

Lara is crazy like that, she is a full bred Mushin babe, it is something Lara can do, and I am not even joking.

“Lara please o, it has gone like that. Bode’s mummy is not well too like you, and there is no way I will not be involved. Channel all that energy into finding another man for me, that one I will appreciate.” I pleaded.

“Haa!!! What is this one saying? Of all people, why will it be Lara that will be finding man for you? Lara that has not had any stable relationship since I have known her? This one that we still should be doing fasting and prayers for? Better find your man yourself.” Feranmi said.

“Shey you people see this Feranmi girl is not alright? Have you seen when coach use to play ball? I did not blame you, it’s condition that is making crayfish bend. If you are not my friend, can you even see me outside and be able to greet me?” Lara retaliated as she rolled her eyes.

That is how the conversation shifted from my head, and I was so glad it. But funny enough, I feel really light and fulfilled. I wish I had discussed it earlier with somebody, but who? My mother is not motherly enough for all these kind of talk, my sister is having child delay problems, and my younger sister is still too young for this kind of talk.

As I will always say, we are sha grateful for life.


I woke up this Saturday morning with the sudden urge to see my elder sister. I just needed to bribe our last born, Ayotunde, to follow me. I would have preferred my younger sister, but we had a big fight yesterday. The nonsense girl wore the Ankara top I planned to wear yesterday to work, and she did not have sense to wash it and return it. I was just weak when I went to pick the top and it wasn’t there, we exchanged a lot of words, and we are presently not in talking terms.

The fact I was going to Sis Ayo’s house without telling her will intensify her anger, that was enough ginger to start preparing. After wearing the same Ankara top I forced her to wash yesterday, plus bribing Ayotunde, I was set to go to Sis Ayo’s house. I was sure she was around, because I called to greet her this morning, and asked if she planned to leave the house today.

Getting to the gate of her estate, what I saw made me wish I had just stayed at home. Who send me this kind message sef?


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    December 10, 2018

    I’m hooked. This is such a beautiful story ❣

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    December 11, 2018

    Next episode please

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