“They have taken your father away o, Bro Sule has carried him away, it wasn’t intentional o.” Those were the words of my mother as she continued to cry hysterically.

“Mummy, please calm down, explain to me, what did he do to Bro Sule?” It was just like she wasn’t even hearing what I am saying. She was just on a roll. I ended the call and decided to call my elder brother.

I started getting really worried when my elder brother wasn’t picking up too. My elder sister, Sis Ayo, is married, I doubt if she knows what is happening to everybody. I was still wondering who else I should call when my phone started ringing.

“Sis Ayo, what’s happening? Mummy called me crying and was just shouting Bro Sule has carried daddy away. I was asking why, she didn’t even answer, she just continued crying. Bro Kunle too is not picking his calls. Please tell me what happened.” I am almost sure my sister didn’t hear half of what I said.

“Yimika, this is what you will do. When you get close from work, you go home quickly, try to comfort mummy as much as you can. Daddy and mummy got into a fight, daddy started beating mummy, I don’t know what came over them this time. Bro Sule was in his apartment when he started hearing the noise, he rushed to our apartment, and met daddy beating mummy. He didn’t say anything, and you know he is a policeman, he just called his boys to come and carry daddy to the station.” My sister explained to me as calm as she could.

“I am at the police station with my husband. Kunle is here too, he was talking to someone when you called him. We are trying to plead with Bro Sule to release daddy, even if it is on bail. It is just Ayooluwa and Tunde that is with mummy, so get there as soon as you can. I am sure we will still take a while here.” My sister continued, still very calm, like she has everything in control. That is one of the major attributes of Sis Ayobami, the calmness.

Don’t get confused with our names, Sis Ayobami is the eldest, first of five children. Then Bro Ayokunle, me, Ayooluwa, and Ayotunde. We have too much “Ayo” which means “Joy” in our family. Unfortunately, we are lacking on joy right now.

I was drained by the time I ended the call with my sister, how did we get here? What could have led them into physical abuse? Was the mental abuse not enough for both of them? Their toxic relationship just went moved up a step on the ladder.

The house was awfully quiet by the time I got home. Everybody was around, including my daddy. Thanks to Lagos traffic, I couldn’t get home as fast as I wanted. I didn’t even know if I should greet or I should walk straight to my room.

“Good evening Sir, Good evening ma.” I greeted nobody in particular, nobody even bothered to answer.

It was my sister’s husband that broke the silence, he said they were supposed to be on their way. That was when my sister decided to speak.

“Daddy has apologized to mummy, and mummy has accepted. Bro Sule said he has let go of the case, but if it should happen again, he won’t take it lightly. So, we will not speak of this matter again, this matter dies here and now. Nobody must refer to this matter, we will assume it never happened. Am I clear?” Sis Ayo asked in her no-nonsense tone.

It was quite obvious she was referring to me and my other siblings. We just nodded our heads. Then she said her goodbyes and left with her husband.

Wait, that was it? We are all just going to pretend that never happened? Apart from the solemn look on daddy’s face, the look of defeat on mummy’s face, like she has failed us all, and the quietness in our home, you wouldn’t have suspected we just had that conversation.

Something has shifted in our home, we all know it, but we will all pretend. That is the worst of all, the pretense.


“It’s good to be fine o, anytime I remember to pray in the morning, I specially thank God for making me as beautiful as I am. If not ehn, how will I survive in this Lagos?” Tessy ranted as we were all seated in Doyin’s apartment.

“you would have survived with your brain. The brain that is inside the head you are always putting expensive weave on, but it’s like the more expensive the wig on your head is, the lower your IQ.” Feranmi fired back.

“you people should warn Feranmi o, I am not in the mood to insult anybody. I would just finish her now now.” Tessy replied in her defeated voice.

We all know Tessy is already pained, she hates when Feranmi refers to her IQ, all because of one stupid IQ test we did. Hers was the lowest. Since that time, that has been Feranmi’s leverage against her.

“Shut up, I am trying to listen to the voice note my babe just sent. Baba is gisting me about something.” Doyin said annoyingly.

“It’s like something is doing this one, have you not heard of earpiece before? Show off, just because we don’t have boyfriends to send us voice notes abi? That was how Yimika was doing that year o.” You should know this will be Doyin talking. Everybody laughed, including me.

“That’s true o, and she refused to give us gist since then. Oya, God has opened book of remembrance in your name today. Aunty, start talking.” Doyin said, still laughing.

“talk what? We broke up, that’s all.” I replied in the most gentle voice I have.

“It’s like you don’t know how it is doing you. You better start talking this easy way, or else!!” Tessy was talking as she was walking towards me.

“Okay, I will talk o. This was how it started………..”



My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    December 6, 2018

    Better!!! Give us babe gist…
    I love the way you inserted your previous posts.
    Nice one my child!

    Let me go and drink water??

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      Lol, you and this babe gist ehn. Are you sure you are not a hater like this?

      Thanks???. By the way, put lemon inside the water. The skin must glow!!!

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    This is getting interesting.. Kudos to you sweet…

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    I like how you mentioned domestic violence. I’ll like to know what happens after this.

    Well done, Susanspecs

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      Sure, the domestic violence won’t just end there. There is more to come.

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    Nice very Nigerian ???? You rep.

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    Very intriguing!!
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