If the only state you have been to in Nigeria is Lagos, you’ll think Lagos is the beginning and ending of Nigeria. You’ll think life starts and ends in Lagos, I used to be like that till I was opportuned to see what another state looks like because of school. LAGOS IS TORTURE! It’s a silent killer, I really love Lagos but I give it up to Lagos.

Lagos has its own advantages, the advantages that make people troop in and out of it everyday. I’ll like to share the disadvantages of staying in Lagos, I’ll start with the disadvantages because I’m really vexed with all the people and all the things in Lagos today. I’ll share the advantages in the next post.

Disadvantages of Staying in Lagos

  • The atmosphere in Lagos: If you are conversant with the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, you’ll notice how the atmosphere will change when you are close to Berger in Lagos. Lagos is hot, but hot is not even properly describing the atmosphere in Lagos.

It is like we are breathing the same air in Lagos, it’s like we are waiting for someone to breathe out so we will will have air to breathe in. This is one of the reasons why everyone is mostly always angry in Lagos, the atmosphere alone is enough ginger to be angry for stupid reasons.

  • Rest of mind: Having rest of mind is once in a while in Lagos, you must always be at alert. You have to wake up as early as 4am to beat traffic, and you still have to come back late. If you’re lucky enough not to be up so early, someone in your house/compound will still have to wake up and be disturbing you.

When there is an empty bus, the mentality we have is to rush inside. It is when you are inside the bus, you’ll be wondering who was pursuing you. When I traveled to Ekiti newly, it was surprising when a bus had to reverse just for me to board. I was the last to enter, so it was not as if he was desperately looking for people to enter.

  • Too much noise: We are noisy in Lagos, we just like too much noise. If it is not the upcoming clubs, it will be one of the many churches in the nooks and crannies of the streets. Then if it is not any of these, it will be one “owanbe” that has refused to end by 11pm, you will not feel the owanbe noise if you are the host or the guest.

It’s not like they don’t have parties in other states, but maybe because we are too much in Lagos, so there is always one person celebrating in your area.

  • Not up to standard raw food: The vegetables we eat in Lagos is way different from the ones they eat in Ekiti, Ondo, Oyo, and so on. Don’t let us even get started with the fruits we take here. That is why if we take vegetables and fruits, it’s as if we are not taking it enough.

When I had titus with okro in Ekiti, it was as if I should not eat titus at all in Lagos again.

  • The cost of living: If you are earning 300k in Lagos and someone else is earning that same amount in a different state, don’t be so surprised when the person will conveniently build a house when you are still struggling to pay houserent here in Lagos. This might not be because you are extravagant, but because you have just too much bills to pay in Lagos.

I’ll discuss the advantages of staying in Lagos in the next post, Lagos definitely has its good sides too. Please like and subscribe, thanks guys

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