Hiiiiiiii guys!!!!!

Compliments of the season, and I hope the season brings in as much joy as we want it this year. In the season of buying and giving, there is something I’ll like to share with everyone, I’m a hundred and one percent sure you’ll love it.

I present to you, KUTHE KOLLECTION. I’ll firstly like to say I’m talking based on personal experience, and not just hear-say. Kuthe was born from the pure desire to create, with colors and designs. There are two words that should be associated with kuthe, class and comfort. The comfort you get from wearing kuthe is everything

When I wore the kuthe tee to school, people kept staring at the tee, not even me. Kuthe tee-shirts and gowns are made from tie and dye, but it is thicker than the regular adire material. I also love the combination of colors used for each design, they are really cool and they exude confidence and class. There is this confidence you have when you know you are dressed well, kuthe comes with this confidence.

I love kuthe earrings, they are so beautiful. They are made from leather, this makes the earrings very light and different from others. You can also ask for any design and color you want, I have two of them and I have ordered another two. You should get them or gift them to someone.

The amazing part is they are having sales at the moment, they are selling at discounted prices. You don’t want to miss this at all, because you can get more clothes for less money. You can check out the sales at www.kuthe.shop or you can follow on Instagram at kuthekollektion_. Here are pictures of the amazing products

You don’t need to worry about getting Christmas gifts for your loved ones, this will serve you better. When you get a piece and you don’t like it, I promise to refund you, that’s how much confidence I have in them. Much love!!!


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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