It’s Friday😀😀😀, and the last day of the month. Happy new month and I pray this new month brings us more joy and peace.

Going through social media, almost everyone looks fine and okay, it appears they have no troubles, and even if they do,it is something they can easily fix. When we go to church, social gatherings, reunions, we meet people who have the perfect smile, the perfect clothes, the perfect family, and you start wondering where you had it wrong.

As if all these is not enough, you see people in their late teens and early twenties already having success stories, and you’re wondering where you’re still doing it wrong. Most people would not want to accept this is depressing, but it really is if not handled well.

IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY YET,it’s not really a bad thing if you don’t go to school when everyone else is going in, it’s not really a bad thing if you don’t graduate when others are, it’s not really a bad thing if you are not married when others are, it’s not really a bad thing when others are making their first million, and you’re not.

The period you should feel it’s not okay is the period you didn’t do as much as you should have done. You should do anything you are doing in such a way that, if you are given another chance to do it again, you wouldn’t have done it any better.

When I’m saying it’s okay not to be okay, I’m not saying you should settle for less or just give up when you don’t get something you aspire to. I’m just saying you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, everything would come in due time and you’ll be glad it came at the time it did.

Have a lovely weekend, and get as much as rest as you can. Remember to smile, someone needs it😀😀

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2 thoughts on “IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY

  1. Faxtym©

    Uhmm..interesting.. Sometimes,success comes with satisfaction,meaning the earlier one accept that he or she cannot be the best at everything,the better ones life. Sometimes you are made just the way God wants to make you and even God may not want to change that,clearly God could heal Moses when Moses gave an excuse but he didn’t, instead he chose someone to speak for him.
    Sometimes, real happiness comes from accepting yourself just the way you are,don’t look at others,just keep your face towards the sunshine and you will never see the shadow. We have seen the success of someone but what about the success that hasn’t arrived?
    Real strength comes from the truth,real happiness comes from satisfaction.

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