Last month, I made a post on how to win your girl over and over, the females were all over the place, sharing the post for the guys to see and learn. The guys made me promise to do a reverse post on how to win your guy over and over, so everyone should get in here and remember to share. In case you missed this particular post or you want to read it again, click HOW TO WIN YOUR GIRL OVER AND OVER

Like I mentioned in the former post, this post is not to win just any guy over, this post is to win “your” guy over and over. He has to always remember why he fell in love with you in the first place, you cannot allow the fire to die. Let’s get right into it!!!

  • Don’t let him forget how pretty you are: Yasss! He must have liked your kind of pretty before he wanted to be with you, don’t get too comfortable and forget to look pretty for him. Sometimes, you have to intentionally look pretty for him, let him know his babe has not totally left the market yet in case he starts slacking.

When you have a movie date with him, you might normally just throw a top on your jeans. You can spice it up unexpectedly, do a nice makeup and look really good. A normal guy starts to feel himself when other guys stare at his babe when she is looking good, he will claim territory fast fast.

  • Consciously communicate with him: Guys can mean A and present it to you as B, you can also be talking about C and your guy will be interpreting it as D. Communication is key and it saves a whole lot of stress, especially for we ladies that know how to think and worry a lot. He’s not replying your messages properly, ask him why, don’t be vexing low-key, he probably doesn’t know he’s not replying as he used to.

He doesn’t call you back when he sees your missed calls like before, tell him. He doesn’t notice you have changed your hair, ask him if he’s blind and can’t see you have just changed your hair. Guys can get used to things fast, he will just get used to not asking about these things again, and you’ll just be there vexing for someone who doesn’t know the reason you’re vexing.

You’ll be obviously angry, and your guy will still be asking if and why you’re angry, if you then manage to say you’re angry, they will still be oblivious to the obvious reason you’re angry. Sisters, we’re entering 2018 o, no time for unnecessary anger, we have money to make and think of.

  • Gist with your guy: You’ll be wondering what’s the difference between communicating and gisting, there’s a difference when it comes to a relationship o. Communication is serious talk while gisting is unserious talk. Any relationship that the couple don’t gist, is that one even a relationship?

Unless you are blessed with an amebo for a partner, you have to teach your guy how to gist. He has to learn to remember interesting stuff that you can talk about at night or when chatting, there is a way gisting strengthens the bond between a couple. It is also a quick way of knowing if you are losing interest or there are no more sparks in the relationship, when you are no longer flowing properly while gisting for a period of time, something is about to happen.

  • Remember to always stroke his ego: We all have ego, but I think it is more pronounced in the male species than the female species. Most men have egos, they are just more pronounced in some people than other people, and these egos need to be stroked. You need to let your guy feel and know he’s the number one guy in your life, compliment his looks, his intelligence, his dress sense, the way he treats you, it makes them want to do more.

You don’t have to lie to stroke his ego, he’ll probably know you are lying. You just have to say the truth and compliment stuff he didn’t think was worth complimenting. When you compare him with other guys, you are doing the reverse of stroking his ego, that thing can so pain the guys. Stop it if you do that to your guy.

  • Like his friends and his hobbies: Guys like when their babe flow well with their guys, it’s actually cool if you can. You can also show interest in that thing he really liked, like football. It’s really fun when he starts explaining how football or tennis works, or when you play games with him and his friends.

Truthfully, only a man who wants to be kept can be kept. But at least, you would know you gave it a try and it’s not that hard. I hope you enjoy this, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Love y’all????


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.

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    December 24, 2017

    ‘Truthfully only a man who wants to be kept can’t be kept” Absolute truth. It’s so important to recognise that

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