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Guys usually think they are the ones who chase the girls, not knowing that most times the girls have done the first part of the chasing. Most times, I didn’t say all the time, before some people will want to break my head. This post, I’ll like to share some tips on how to do the first chasing as a girl, and for the guys to know when a girl is trying to chase a guy.

It’s really painful when a guy doesn’t get when you are giving him signals, or when he knows and then ignores. That thing use to pain to the bone marrow, lol. If you have not felt it before, you will not really understand, especially when the guy appears to be perfect and all that.

Let’s get to the tips, if you agree or disagree with any of them, please drop them in the comment section.

  • Be sure he is available: No time to be getting stressed up over nothing, don’t let’s us be wasting feelings anyhow. Before you start dreaming of how amazing your relationship will be with someone, be sure they are not in relationships with other people. These guys sef, they are not loyal. If you are in a relationship, help us put it in your bio, or post pictures of bae. Let’s all know where we are going.

Ask questions to be sure, ask him and those you know that know him too. Don’t just assume there’s no girl in the picture because he isn’t leaving signs there is. If after asking him, the guy still lies, our heavenly father in heaven will na judge for wasting our time and feelings.

  • Please maintain your lane: It’s really good to aim high, but let’s aim high with wisdom. No need wasting time on someone who will almost never have the opportunity of ,meeting you. I know some people who are crazy about some celebrities, I’m not talking about fan love, I’m talking about forever love. You might be lucky to meet them if you are like this, but why waste time on  something that is almost impossible?


  • Get him to notice you: If you can get through this stage, you are almost there. This is the hardest step of all, because there might be a lot of girls on his neck, or he is too occupied to know there’s someone interested in him. You can show interest in his work, ask sensible questions about his work.

Two major ways to get a guy to notice you is to show interest in his work or his football club. I don’t have strength to be watching and following football games, there is google to know what to discuss about work. Show genuine interest in his work by asking sensible questions, sensible questions o, before someone will be sounding like a fool.

  • Be friends with his friends: Guys really value their friends, and mostly always believe the judgement of his friends. If you and his friends are sworn enemies, it will be a little hard for you because if he just mention your name in the presence of his friends, the things you did and did not do, they will say everything.

Don’t be too close to his friends o, before you’ll confuse the guy and he will think you want to join the clique. You don’t want to join the clique, you want his heart. Just try to be in the good books of his friend, so they will defend you in case there is any need to.

  • Play your hard to get: If the guy is interested, he should be showing signs by now. This is the time to show yourself, but don’t over do, before all the efforts will be in vain. Don’t be too clingy, don’t sound too desperate, don’t be always available, he isn’t the boyfriend yet.

When they say don’t be too clingy, it’s not that you will leave uncle messages and not reply until after two days or you’ll intentionally miss his calls. It will just shock you when you will see prewedding pictures of him with someone else. In everything, wisdom is the principal thing.

If you agree or disagree with these points, let us discuss in the comment section. And if you have tried any of these before, let us know, so we will be encouraged. Don’t forget to like the post if you enjoyed it, and subscribe too, let’s move this ministry forward.

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