Sitting at my corner with my headphones on, watching the King Women series, feeling all emotional because that particular episode was very intense. My boss was having a meeting with two men; I wasn’t bothered about the meeting because it surely would be boring. Suddenly, the fire drill came on, the two men got up immediately and I was about running out too however my boss convinced me that there will be no need to go downstairs, the men argued and went away.

I wanted to go out too, but because my boss said I should not, I just sat there thinking how much people would blame me if anything happened. The sound went off, and everybody came back to the office. This part of the story got me; my boss looked out the window and said, if there was really anything, he would just jump out the window. Then it hit me, he had a plan B that didn’t include me, I would have been left hanging.

Sometimes, when people make decisions that include us, we should try to always have a plan B. You should have something to fall back on, it saves a lot of stress. You have plans to read with someone, or go out with someone, or start a business with someone or anything that has to do with another person, there should be another solution in case anything goes wrong, you would be amazed at the plans others have.

I’m not saying we should not trust others or depend on others, but we should just try to have other plans. The only person we can really trust is God; you don’t need a plan B with him, that I am very sure of.

Remember to smile, it makes life a little better

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5 thoughts on “HE HAS A PLAN B

  1. Tolu L'queen

    It’s the nature of humans to think of their safety first, even a mother can forget her suckling child but God can never ever forget his own children. Lovely post! You go girl!

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