When I hear the word “Feminism”, what comes to my head first is aggressive women fighting to be the same with men. I have not checked up the word before, my knowledge was just based on the bits of information I picked from the internet. Because I already had the picture of aggressive women in m head, it was difficult to see it in another light.

I decided to read up articles on Feminism and I realized it is far from what I originally thought it was. So I’ll love to share what I think Feminism is not and what I think Feminism is.

Feminism is an attempt to strip the world of its narrow connotations and remind people that the actual meaning of feminism is a commitment to equal rights, opportunities, and choices for people of all genders. Being a feminist is wanting to have equal rights with our male counterparts at work, being a feminist is believing there should be political, social, and economic quality between men and women.

Feminism is about equality, not sameness. That is where we are missing it in this generation, women are not the same as men. Having to work as double as the men to get to a particular position is what feminists are up against. Reserving certain positions for a particular gender, wanting to talk to a particular gender at distress point because you feel a particular gender is weaker, that is what feminists are against.


You prefer to be recognised for your talents and not your looks, you believe in the strength of a woman, not just as a wife and a mother, but as someone who can impact the society, then you are most likely a feminist.

But our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do. Women were created to do everything a man can’t do.

That you want to be recognised as your male counterparts doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to keep your home, when and if you decide to have one. Being a feminist doesn’t mean your heart must be hardened, and you won’t have to forgive anyone or do things out of pity. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you should be aggressive when expressing yourself, you should be able to express yourself properly without getting aggressive.

Being a feminist doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a compliment from a man without being offended, being a feminist doesn’t mean you can’t watch a movie and cry, being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to play the victim every time.

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