I’m sure most of us would have heard about the slang YORUBA DEMONS. The slang came out early last year and it has stuck since then, my friend had an encounter with a proper Yoruba demon and the story is so interesting I knew I had to share with you.

Before I share the story, I’ll like to first describe these yoruba demons the way I can. Yoruba demons are those guys that will make you forget all the home training they have instilled in you, they are so sleek that you might even know they are lying, but you will be enjoying the lie so much you’ll start lying for them just to console yourself.

The way Agege bread is not just made in Agege alone, you can find them everywhere but the “Agege bread” slang is used for any bread that’s being hawked inside transparent nylon. That’s how yoruba demons are, they are not just guys from the western region alone, they are everywhere, even Bro Omonuvfe is a proper yoruba demon.

Back to the story, she said she went to this wedding. The groom was her brother’s friend, so she sat in the groom’s side with her brother and his other friends. She had to receive a call, but because of the loud music in the reception hall, she needed to step out to receive the call. After receiving the call at the back of the hall, she liked the view and she knew if she took pictures there, they would be really nice.

She just saw one fine looking brother, looking like hot chocolate, she walked up to him and asked if he would take pictures of her with her phone. He agreed and took some really nice shots, that was how he started saying how pretty she was looking, and how polite she sounded asking for the pictures, and he really liked her kind of person. He said his name was Bayo, and he would love to talk to her later, and they exchanged numbers.

When she got back to the hall, the guy was sitting two tables away from her table, so he had probably noticed her before. He was staring at her so much her brother’s friends noticed, and was hailing her that she had landed a really big fish. She was just feeling herself because the guy was very hot and she was looking forward to talking with him.

As God will have it, as she was stepping out of the hall to go home, she met one very pretty lady who asked her to please snap her, you know the way we ladies are with pictures. As she was taking the pictures, she mistakenly pressed the lock button and when she unlocked, you wouldn’t believe whose picture popped up as the screensaver picture, it was uncle bayo. She asked who the fine boy was, the girl blushed and said her fiance.

My friend said she was a little bit shocked, but she and the guy had not talked so she cannot be too sure what the guy wants from her. At night, the guy called her and started saying he was really happy to have met her, that she looks like his kind of person, and he had not had a relationship in the last 5 years, that’s was when my friend got shocked.

She mentioned the name of the babe she met earlier and asked if he broke their engagement this morning for him to be single at night. He just ended the call and has not called her since then. That was how God saved her, but I was just laughing throughout. It was really funny, but I guessed she was just lucky because she might have gone far before knowing it was a lie.

PS: Don’t worry guys, there will be a come back post for the girls too

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  1. Bamidele

    😁. . . Uncle Bayo sef, why would you just jump to relationship level on first call. And he called unprepared, trust my Yoruba demons one excuse will sha come up😁.

  2. Bamidele

    You that want to be locking phone, u will lock and tire. . . Be focus on taking good picture of her, or else she will still insult you upon ur kindness

  3. Akinyemi Henry olumide

    Uncle bayo isn’t that experienced as a Yoruba demon, if not the girl would have still fell for him with she knowing he was a fiance to some one else. I’m not saying what he did was right anyway.

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