Cousins are amazing, especially if you have a closely knitted extended family. The growing up together, the holiday visits, the hang-outs, the pictures, and the list goes on and on, these are really fun times. There is this saying that “your cousins are your first bestfriends”. This is relatively true, if you have really close cousins.

This is all fun till you start noticing the comparisons among everyone. Most times, it’s always there, it just takes a while before you realize it. This is really annoying!!!!. You might never really understand until you experience it firsthand.

Let’s start with the “genes”. 

Whether we see it as being fair or not, some are just blessed with genes. They are just so effortlessly cute, pointed noise, full cute lips, just name it, they have it. The funniest part is the moment you start seeing someone to be finer than you, it takes a great effort to be confident when you are in a public place with the person.

” Is that your cousin?, where did they get you from? “, these are reactions you get when you have a really cute cousin. At that moment, you might just laugh it off, but deep down, you know ” the thing pain you ehn”. If you are the cute cousin or you have thick skin when people are talking, you are just lucky.

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When your parents gets involved. 

Sincerely, I don’t know if the parents do it intentionally or they just want to annoy their children. Being compared to your cousins by your own parents is one of the most annoying/infuriating/hurting/depressing things to experience as a growing up child.

This is usually awkward if you are the good one or the one who isn’t good enough. Some wicked cousins use this as leverage against you, and the good ones sometimes don’t know how to relate with you anymore. It takes a whole lot of efforts on both sides to maintain the amazing relationship at this stage.

cousins are for life

Being in the same age bracket

This one just comes with its own pressure. Your friends in secondary/high school, university/college can move at a faster or slower pace than you are, it doesn’t really matter because they are not always in your face. You can decide to unfollow them on social media if their success pressure you too much.

Family members just forget that people have different carrier paths, and also have different growth levels even on the same carrier path. Apart from this, it feels a little discouraging when someone in the same age bracket as you already has his/her life planned out, and you have not even decided whether you want to drop out of nursing to follow your passion for dancing, or if your blog post title was the best you could have chosen.


I just remembered PUBERTY

Why puberty will decide to come early for some people, and late for some other, is something I plan to ask God when I get to heaven. This even happens among siblings!!!! It’s not fair when you go out with your cousin, and he has beards already or she has a fairly sized boobs and butts, and you’re just there looking like a 12yr old.

This one is even worse because there’s nothing you can do about it, apart from surgery of course. You’ll just be there wondering how you offended mother nature to have deprive you of the few necessities of life.

But beyond all these, cousins are one of the best things you can be blessed with. Family is everything, and it will be really nice if you can be in good terms with everybody.




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