Recently as I was walking through the streets of twitter, I saw a tweet from a young lady asking if we are going to downplay the fact that some people are just in luck with their relationships. These were not her exact words, but this was what she was implying. Some people were for it, and some people were against it.

Personally, I think some people have it easy for them (and this is not even talking about relationships alone), and I also think luck becomes useless if great work is not added to it. Although social media makes us think that some of the people in relationships are just faking it for the gram, the truth is some people are actually genuinely enjoying their relationships.

The question now is “are they just lucky to find someone who understands and tolerates them?” or “is their method of choosing right is just so on point?”.


The dictionary defines “luck” as something occurring by chance. Going by this definition, I would say there is a place of luck in relationships. A bride once shared her testimony, saying she told herself that she was going to get married to whoever she dated first, and now she was getting married to the first and only guy she ever dated. They dated right from their secondary school.

This is really sweet to hear, but it was possible for her because she dated someone who was marriageable first. If she had met someone who is not what she hoped, would she have stayed because she wants to get married to someone she dated first?

Not everybody wants to sample all the varieties before settling for one, most people are just humbled by life.

What of some people who obviously have nasty attitudes, you don’t need to know them for a long while to know how annoying they can be, but they still have people who love them beyond all the faults you see. They have people who can go the extra miles for them, no matter how badly behaved they are to them.

Apart from the said “luck”, there is the place of using your head when choosing your partner. How will you want to be with someone now, when you know you wouldn’t wish to end up with the person. My mummy will always tell me, you don’t choose a partner who is good for your parents, or someone who is good for your friends, or someone who is good for your reputation, you choose someone who is good for you.

Most times, we know who is good for us, we just don’t want them due to some selfish reasons. If we ignore the place of luck and start to choose those who are genuinely good for us, we should have lesser relationship problems than we do now.

Looking at it from another angle, what of some pastors or marriage counselors who have failed relationships/marriages? At least, we expect they are supposed to know what is right and what is not. Some of them are just unfortunate to be with the wrong people, who most likely pretended to be who they are not.


If you have never been in a bad relationship where you firstly had your hopes very high, just continue to hope you never get to be in one. Especially when your friends are in obviously good relationships without stress, you will just be feeling cheated and unlucky.

In my opinion, there is definitely the place of luck in relationships, but the place of trying and deciding to choose right supersedes anytime.

We will love to hear what you think, please share your thoughts in the comment section. Which do you think plays the larger role, luck or choosing right?


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    September 19, 2018

    Luck plays a major role to me. I have been in a really horrible and toxic relationship and when I was entering it, I took my time to make the “right choice” and it back fire?

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      September 19, 2018

      Yeah, luck definitely plays a major role. True and sincere love is coming for you very soon, just come back and share your testimony here o????.


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