It’s not easy moving from one place to another in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. It’s hard, stressful, and annoying. It can be easier if you have your own car, or you have plenty money to use uber or the likes, it’s still hard but at least, you are comfortable. If you aren’t using uber, then you can take motorbike(Okada), tricycle(keke napep), or THE YELLOW BUS(DANFO). People like us who don’t have money to take uber all the time, and we need to get ourselves to work every time understand the stress we go through to get there. As if that isn’t enough, some people inside the bus will then add to the frustration. As per DANFO colleagues, we that board danfo together, there are some things we need to know to help ourselves to be a little comfortable inside the bus.

Please try to sit on your own in the bus. Don’t lean on the person beside you, some people don’t like body contact at all. When you are sitting in the bus, you should either lean to the back(most likely), or lean forward. You shouldn’t lean to your left or right, you will disturb the person sitting next to you. Sometimes, the bus can be so tight your body will have to touch the next person, but if you try not to lean, it will be better.

— Avoid talking loudly while making calls. This one really pisses me off, especially when they talk for a long time. This isn’t really too nice, because you are disturbing the peace of others when you do that.

— If you want to listen to music or watch videos, please use the earphones. I have been in a bus where one man was listening to this annoying Fuji album, I actually had an headache after that. Some people might not like your genre of music, and they might not even be in the mood to listen to any kind of noise.

— Also if you’re coming in with an extra child or luggage, apologize to the person sitting next to you. There is no how you will arrange yourself on the seat without inconveniencing the next person, just a quick “abeg no vex” won’t do your soul any harm.

— Lastly, please come with your change. And if by chance you don’t have change, don’t be shouting from the beginning of the journey to the end “conductor, my #50 o”. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ask for your change, but please don’t disturb every other person in the bus because you need to collect change.

I’m sure you will have other things you will like people to stop, please drop in the comment section. Thank you guys, love y’all

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17 thoughts on “DANFO WAHALA!

  1. Bamidele

    That last one had me😁, Trekked back to Bolade from under bridge Oshodi cus of change😡. Still waiting for the day I will owe conductor money. Nice post Spec👌👍

  2. Adedoyin

    Lool….. Some women will come and tell you “aunty please help me lap your sister ”

    Abeg I know my sister biko .

    Nice post dear. So relatable

  3. Israelee said

    There is always that passenger that eats every available junk s(he) can lay hands on from the start of the journey till the end somemitmes miss the destination cos of food, Adaku squad. 😀
    And for slim people like myself, sometimes u leave the house and decide not to pray then God will in turn punish you by putting you in between plus size passengers, women most especially and after sandwiching what is left of u they would still be the ones complaining “Oga shift well na, siddon well na, wetin happen na na d same money we pay” kuku kee me
    And for those siblings you automatically get in buses just because of the need to lap them, o su mi
    … Hehehe Las gidi for life, Eko for show… Nice One

  4. Akinyemi Henry olumide

    To be sincere, everything annoys me from the loud music to loud calls, leaning on someone else and extra luggage. The annoying part is some people won’t even care if because of them you’re not convenient. That’s Lagos for you sa

  5. Harris Sophie

    I hate it when the person beside you is trying to take money from their bags,then their hand is almost reaching your face, especially when i’m on makeup

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