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I’ll love to talk about the bridesmaids. Most times, the overall attention is on the bride, with a lot of rules telling her what to do and what not to do, forgetting that the bride will most likely just be looking on her wedding day. The bride makes a lot of preparations before the wedding day, so she will most likely be tensed on the wedding day and this is where the bridesmaids come in.

Some bridesmaids end up making the bride feeling worse than she is supposed to be, the bride will almost be regretting why she is doing the wedding. But with the right bridesmaid, everything will appear to go well even if it isn’t going well. Let’s get right to it!

  • Try to minimise your complains as much as you can: This can be a little hard, but you have to consciously not complain on the day. Any issue you have that has not been treated before the wedding day, don’t start complaining and whining that day, just try to manage as much as you can that day.

I’m not saying you should just shut up, you can complain about your makeup or her makeup, anything that can be fixed that day. But to start complaining about the colour, the style, the material, please keep it to yourself. Don’t let the bride start feeling like a failure.

  • Relate with other bridesmaids: This might sound really simple, especially if you have been bridesmaids with people you roll with before. Being bridesmaids with people you have not met before, people who are obviously below you in all ways, or people older than you, then that’s really hard.

You might be wondering what your business is with other bridesmaids, but it will make it easier and make the bride happier when she sees you guys relating cordially. You might even end up getting a real friend after.

  • The bride must be happy: The only kind of tears your bride should shed is the tears of joy. If your bride cries because she got too tensed and everything isn’t going on well, you have failed as a bridesmaid. You have to be hyper, always gingering the bride to the happy. Vendors might be a little annoying, you have to divert the attention from them and to the good things that are happening.

Brides can be scared that anything can happen, so they can be annoying over things they are not supposed to be angry about on a good day. You have to bear with them, and make them really happy.

  • Reduce your slay: Sisters in the Lord, thou shall not slay more than the bride. You should definitely look good, but some of us are just so wicked. If you plan to slay with the intention of looking better than the bride, toke makinwa and Stephanie Coker will come to your wedding and they will slay you away.

You cannot compete with the glow of the bride, no one can. Nobody might probably remember what you looked like during somebody’s wedding, so save yourself the stress and maintain your lane.

I’m sure there are a lot of other things bridesmaids should and should not do. Please drop them in the commentsection, your comments are really appreciated. Thanks guys!!!!


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.

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