Be here now

Many times I get so engrossed with the future, I lose consciousness of the present. When my friends are having fun, probably gisting, I get lost thinking of what to wear tomorrow, what assignment I’m submitting, who annoyed me, e.t.c, and the funniest part is that we still get to class at the same time, that’s if I don’t get there later sef. I was like this till something happened, then I learnt to always be here now.

My bestfriend (at that time) and I use to make great plans, what university we will go to, the course we plan studying, how our graduation will look like, meanwhile we were still in JSS2. Everything other students did, we believed they were childish, we didn’t want to be involved. We didn’t play hide and seek, we didn’t jump ropes, we didn’t have time for the present, we were always talking about the future. Then she had to leave the country suddenly, her parents wanted her to join them.

All our plans went down the drain. We didn’t even enjoy our friendship, we were too busy. She said we will keep in touch, we actually tried to, but it was never the same. I wished we had more fun together, I wished we played with others, I wish we created a lot of fun memories, all I could do then was just wish.

It’s alright to make plans for the future, but don’t get too engrossed you forget to live in the present.

Since then, I learnt to live in the present, talk with friends and family, gist with then more, I’ve just known it’s cool to be here now.

It’s good to save, especially if it’s for a particular cause but once in a while, spoil yourself. Everything will be okay, it will definitely be fine, take it one step at a time. Just remember, be here now.


My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.


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    February 19, 2017

    nice one.
    keep,it coming

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    February 19, 2017

    Spectacular! In three meanings-1. The write up was spectacular and 2. You were right to say you are spectacular relating to the second meaning about specs. 3. It takes a/an spectacular person to put life into writing.
    Spectacular meaning Amazing(Replace). Keep it up.


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