On one of those breezy evenings when the sun sets for home, leaving the moon to glow; I sat on the veranda with my head buried in a random book. This, for me, was the best way to relax after a busy day.

I was enjoying the serenades of this relaxed mood- when I heard two kids talking loudly at each other. I thought it was an argument; until I heard one of the kids call the other ‘fat.’ Immediately, I knew it was a ‘word fight.’ The other boy was quick to retort in the street parlance; you nko? Be like kwashiorkor!’

From the corner where I watched, I burst into uncontrollable laughter. I have always found the word ‘kwashiorkor’ very amusing, ever since my Health Education teacher taught us malnutrition. I took a look at the boy labeled ‘kwashiorkor.’ Sincerely, he looked like the living version of the picture my teacher showed us-a big head, a big stomach and tiny limbs. This amused me the more.

The act of ‘body shaming’ is a huge part of ‘word fights’ among children and even the older folks. Almost everyone, at one time or the other, has been scorned for not having a ‘perfect’ body. Personally, I have been tagged ‘shortie’ by many (if you know why, then you are ‘body shaming’ me too).

Many people with one or two body defects are subjected to the piercing waggling-tongue of ‘body shamers.’ Hence, they seek refuge in painstaking body ‘re-moulding’ processes. Most ‘plus-sized’ women go through body-slimming procedures, while their male folks work out tirelessly to build great six packs. Those of us closer to the ground are left at the mercy of consistent intake of beans, or worse than better-heels.

Back to the gist on the kids ‘word fight,’ after putting back in place my cracked ribs, a very funny question came to my mind- “What if there are ‘spirit-shamers’?” I am very certain you do not understand that.

I know many of us can relate to the gist of afterlife. It is no longer news that after our sojourn here on earth, our mortal bodies will be taken six feet below and our immortal bodies will ascend to paradise. So, for those of us that are very sure of going to heaven, let us imagine this scenario;

“One day in Heaven, while coming back from a visit to see Father Abraham; you are gallantly treading on one of the golden streets; happily singing the Hallelujah chorus, feeling fly that you made it home. Just then, someone walks by you and begins to laugh hysterically. You are wondering what is wrong and the next thing you hear is: “see this kwashiorkor.” At that instant, you check yourself out on the crystal wall nearest to you. The image before you has a very mighty head, a pot belly and broomstick sized limbs.

Now, back to reality; how did you feel? For me, I felt really bad. We know, it is by God’s Grace that we are saved and promised eternal life in paradise. At the time we gave our lives to Christ, we became new born babies. Although, our new birth in Christ is more of a spiritual affair than a physical matter; there is a huge similarity.
In the same manner, a physical baby is paid much attention, especially in the very early days; ensuring he or she eats a balanced meal daily, so should our spirits be looked after. Just the same way a physical child develops deficiencies as a result of improper feeding habits, a spirit child suffers the same. Hence, it is very expedient to take proper care of our spirit man, just as much (if not more) as we do to our physical man.

God already played His gracious part of saving us and renewing our spirits, on our part, we are left with the duty to grow in His saving Grace. The reason is very simple and not far-fetched-you do not want to look like a kwashiorkor patient for eternity, do you?

Did I hear you say, “Of course not! How then do I feed my spirit man?” That is a very intelligent question. You know, your spirit man cannot eat rice, beans or pizza. The meal of the spirit are; The Word of God and fervent prayers. Just that? Yes! It is that simple. If you consistently feed on these daily, you are far away from being ‘spirit shamed’.

I am very much aware that there are some of us who have plans to ‘slay’ while praising God in Heaven. I hope you know, you cannot slay with a kwashiorkor body. In the light of that fact, I will be sharing a recipe on how to prepare your daily meal in order to be a spiritual beauty queen and a part of the heavenly ‘ Sweet Boys’ Association’.

  • Sanitize your hands properly to ensure you are free from dirt (sin).
  • After being sanctified, fetch enough water from the belly of the Living Spring (Jesus)
  • Boil it with the fire of the Holy Ghost.
  • Add the edible and digestible main dish of the Word of God.
  • Season your dish without ceasing using the hot spice of fervent prayers.
  • Always serve hot; not warm or cold.
  • Share with everyone around you, it makes the meal tastier.
  • Always be on guard against the bad chef (the devil); all he does is to contaminate your meal.

Diligently follow this recipe and watch your spirit man radiantly glow. You can thank me later.

This post is written by ABISINUOLA ADEDEJI



My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.

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    January 26, 2019

    I recently had the good fortune of reading this your article,In fact, I have already benefited from your discussion on feeding our spirit with the “Word of God and fervent prayers”
    I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thank you.
    By S.Y

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