ADESUSA ETOMI sure knows how to shut down the internet. Mehn, I don’t know if she plans it intentionally or if it just comes easily for her because she is a celebrity and her “bubba” is also a celebrity. Adesua had her bridal shower over the weekend, and her pictures were everywhere on social media.

Some people think she and Banky W really enjoy the attention they get from social media, and that’s why they always arrange their stuff in ways everyone’s attention will be on them. I remember the epistle Banky W wrote to officially announce that they were engaged to each other, and pronounced Adesua “susu”, that epistle was really romantic. And there was one guy calling me susu at my office then because I bear Susan, I was always shunning him because the name sounded somehow, it was just paining me when I heard that was what Banky called Adesua.

They did not give us enough time to digest that information, they just hit us with the introduction ceremony. One thing I noticed about this couple, their close friends know what zipping your lips means. They know how to keep a SECRET. Their circle of friends is the real friendship goals, they didn’t leak anything or even give subtle hints with pictures.

Earlier last week, Banky gave a testimony on how he had an operation a month before and Adesua had her bridal shower that same weekend. Maybe he was trying to draw attention in preparation for the shower, but I also think there is really no need for that IF that is what he did. They are already celebrities and a lot of people love them, so we will be interested in anything, especially the WEDDING.

Adesua is very pretty, and I love the way she knows not playing with too much colors on her face is the bomb. I present you lovely pictures from the shower that will make you drool, if you are not a hater sha.

So we are just waiting for our wedding pictures since we won’t be at the wedding, this wedding is our wedding and the marriage too is our marriage. They have to think twice before they take any rash decisions.

You might be wondering why I am posting this on a Monday, it’s mainly for motivation. We will all get what is right for us at the right time, no matter how long it takes. Just keep being hardworking and very positive. Love y’all

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My name is Oso Ayomide Susan, you can just call me Susanspecs!!!.

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