articles - susanspecs - April 28, 2017

When did I get this far? How did I even get this far? I used to love him He used to be my first When…

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When can I celebrate my success?

articles - susanspecs - March 24, 2017

Hey!!!!???, it’s been a long while. A really long while, I just finished my exams and I don’t have anything to do with school for…

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Why it’s sooo nice to be free?

articles - susanspecs - February 27, 2017

I’m supposed to be in the examination hall writing the exam of one course that I’ve really prepared for, like I’ve arranged everything in my…

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Be here now

articles - susanspecs - February 19, 2017

Many times I get so engrossed with the future, I lose consciousness of the present. When my friends are having fun, probably gisting, I get…

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Do you really mean that “I love you” ?

articles - susanspecs - February 14, 2017

Almost everybody today will be talking about love, even if some of us claim not to be interested, the thought might have crossed our minds.…

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Welcome to Susanspecs Diaries

articles - susanspecs - February 12, 2017

Welcome to Susanspecs diaries, my name is Oso Ayomide Susan a.k.a Susanspecs, the specs actually stands for two things; it’s the short form of Spectacular,…

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