Nothing gives me greater joy, than being at home on a Monday morning. The joy it brings me is not explainable, all you serious people should please take a seat.😎😎

I think the way the society treats skinny people is not fair, yeah I AM SKINNY. This is one trivial issue most people tend to ignore, and the depression it causes is a whole lot to write home about.

When curvy girls talk about skinny girls, it is okay and normal. But when a skinny girl tries to talk, she is being rude. This is really not fair, the rate at which curvy girls shut skinny girls up, you will think we are the cause of their problems. If you’re skinny, I’m sure you can relate.

No, I don’t starve myself, I probably eat more than you do. Someone would just size you up, give you that look and ask why don’t you eat or why don’t you eat a lot. Excuse you, I eat when I’m hungry, at any time I want, and I probably eat more than you do. People should just assuming we are skinny because we are starving ourselves.

The most annoying part is when you go to the gym and they are asking you funny questions. For the simple reason I am skinny, I shouldn’t be fit? Being skinny doesn’t mean I should not be in shape, going to the gym is not all about losing weight.

It’s easier to say we shouldn’t let people words get to us, until we are being dealt with personally by these words. No matter how strong we are,hurtful words still find root and haunt us later, so we should all be mindful of what we say.

Being skinny is OK, being not skinny is OK, being curvy is OK, being not curvy is OK, but talking ill of someone’s body type is not OK.

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8 thoughts on “BEING SKINNY

  1. Faxtym™

    I can testify to your rate of eating…your food is so not skinny!
    I think its normal for a teen lady to be skinny,grow up with that and you’ll definitely not end up a fat wife.
    Some curvy teen girls don’t know know d kind of fate that awaits them in the future,getting big at teen stage will definitely result into getting bigger at Women stage.
    You are curvy right? Just wait till the baby comes…amoeba will still have shape more than some.
    That’s why some Women are still approachable even at adult stage than some teens. Sometimes it’s genetic,sometimes it’s not. Skinny girls don’t have to bother about their weight,old or not,they will still be attractive(If they are already).

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